Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Night Post

Well, I said I would post tonight.  Here I am.

I am yawning and longing to go to bed.  I have not one idea in my pretty little head.

Maybe this won't work after all.

So, here is what I know.

I will go to bed sober again tonight.  I recently got a big book app on my phone.  It comes with a sobriety counter - which I usually avoid.  I was interested to see that I am nearing a landmark number of days.

But for now,  I will hit my pillow sober, for the 9,976th day in a row.

I thank God for that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for being my friend.

dAAve said...

It looks dark tonight.
Just wait. This too shall pass.

10000 days comin' up. whoooopppeeeee!!

Syd said...

I am tired tonight too. But tomorrow is another day.

Mary Christine said...

OK, this is clearly not going to work!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to me. I have been sober for 88 days and your blog gives me hope. :) Thanks for sharing your life in your blog.