Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Morning

Every morning in the last week as I was driving to the 6:30 meeting, I saw this tree outlined against a bright red sky, but I didn't have time to stop and take a photo.  This morning as I left the house, I thought - I will take a photo this morning!  But when I got there, the sky was not really red.  If it was red, I would have walked out into the park to get closer to those huge gnarly trees in black against the red sky.  Oh well.

When I got to the meeting, a sponsee came in and sat next to me.  She said to me "I hate this f#$&ing meeting!"  I got my phone out and did a search for "denver aa meetings before 8 am on sunday" and within a few seconds had a list.  I showed her the list and asked her to pick one.  She didn't move.  I told her that if she stayed at that meeting, she needed to keep in mind that she had made that choice.  She got up and left.  When she called at 9 a.m., she told me about a wonderful meeting where she heard just the message she needed to hear.  About doing God's will.  It sometimes amazes me how someone will hear something as if for the first time - after hearing it for years.

I have to remember that I often needed people to help me with the most basic of choices when I was new in sobriety.  And when I say new, I mean my first decade.  So, I guess I can be patient with people who need help.

But I hope my manner has been different when I have needed help.  I hope.

There is football and a sofa awaiting me in the other room.  I better get to it... the wrong teams might win if I am not there to supervise.

I will stay sober even if the wrong teams win though... and I hope you do too.


Lou said...

I have been feeling quite put out today..

I needed to hear this message of patience and forgiveness.

Syd said...

Sometimes I take just the right action and find a solution to my problems by doing so. You are truly a morning person, MC.

Pammie said...

good for her and YOU.
I wish people understood the term "new". Can you imagine thinking a 3 year old child was no longer new to the world?
I hope your team won!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that I have a ways to go before I am not "new" anymore. have a great week MC.