Saturday, November 12, 2011

Loving Saturday

Here's photos of my new jacket and my new gloves / mittens.  The jacket has a little LED light on the sleeve, and the right mitten has a little light.  They charge in a USB port.  I love goofy technology.  Oh, and it looks like these photos don't show how crazily bright this color is.  It is amazing.  I love bright colors.  I nearly lost my mind when "neons" came into style in the 80s, and always regretted their passing.  In the world of running, they never go out of style.

This morning I met my running group (my coach would only let me do 3 miles) and then had a bagel with them and then went shopping with a couple of the ladies.  What fun.  Honestly, it was just so much fun.

I didn't used to like socializing with "normies" so much.  But I do now.  We just have fun.

Kind of a shame that I am nearly 60 years old and just beginning to learn how to do things that others are born knowing how to do.  But better late than never.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a slow learner.  God seems to have endless patience with me.  (I spelled that "patients" at first, because that is the word I am more used to.  funny.)

I think I will stay sober today and I hope you do too.


Syd said...

Nice jacket. I like the crazy technology too. Hope that you had a great day. It sounds as if you did!

dAAve said...

I see a lot of neon-type colors at Academy Sporting Goods. Mostly stuff by Nike and UnderArmour.

Lou said...

Mary, you look great! I commend you for looking so stylish while running. I throw on any old article of clothing. Could I run faster if I looked good? Just askin...

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Charging in a USB port is great technology. I have an inhaler that charges the same way-too cute !~! Congrats on the sober days, I too rejoice as each day ends sober again. One day at a time, the decades pile atop one another. Thanks for sharing.