Thursday, December 08, 2011


On this (9,998th) day of sobriety, I did go to the pool and I swam one kilometer.  I stopped at a park on my way home from the gym and took some photos of the sunrise.  I love the dawn light.

My computer or internet connection has slowed down to the point that I cannot possibly visit all of your blogs today and still get to work on time.  Some of you have so many doo-dads on your blogs that it takes all day to load.

Last night I was on the phone all evening.  I heard from so many people!  Including Ed, my old boyfriend.  He and my daughter attend the same meetings these days and hang in the same social circles.  He raved about how great she is doing.  I was happy to hear that, but I said "she is going a little bit crazy and I am really worried about her."  He laughed and said "Crazy?  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!  Ha!  I remember you when you were that age!"

I don't know if there is anything so comforting as talking with someone who has known you for half of your life.  All of my sobriety I have known this man.  God Bless Him.

Later I heard from another friend I have known since I got sober.  She remembered that I have a birthday coming up.  Bless her heart, she did not know how old I am.  So, I got to tell her!

You cannot believe how I am walking around telling everyone - I am going to be 60 years old next week!  I did the same thing when I was 30.  I never thought I would be excited about 60, but I am.  It doesn't hurt that people tell me I look like I am in my early 40s.  Good.  In fact, someone at church last week thought my granddaughter was my daughter!  Oh, that was nice!    Another friend tells me I wouldn't be so happy to be this age if I looked it.  OK.  That's  fine.

I am grateful to have lived so long.  I am grateful to have been sober for 9,998 days of my life.  I was delighted when I saw my first gray hair - that was a long time ago - and I don't even know what my natural hair color is anymore.

Sobriety has been very very good to me.  I am grateful for God's mercy instead of his justice.  His justice would have me dead, in prison, locked in a psych ward, or sitting as a lonely old lady.  His mercy has given me sobriety and a life I never could have imagined!

Staying sober is good.  Let's all do it today, OK?


Syd said...

Beautiful photo. I signed up for super fast internet and it really improved everything. Having a Mac is a help too because I don't get all that cluttering of the hard drive that PC's do. I hope that my doo-dads are not slowing you down. Have a good day, MC!

Anonymous said...

Justice can be Good as well as Harsh. Today is The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, where Mary was conceived without Original Sin. Amazing how many Catholics don't know that.I am 60 today and hope God gives me more chances to get & be better. Mary, may you pass out more Wisdom & Knowledge. And of course buy some more pairs of shoes!

Anonymous said...

As Syd said of computers---Be sure to Clear your Recent History (look in Tools for that). Also look in History and Delete that////Thes things can really slow down computer and must be cleared out weekly or they Bog it down. History of where you were not needed...Also achive you Outlook..

Kathy said...


Also defragment your computer every couple weeks.

Lou said...

I wish people would take Google+ off their blogs. Takes forever to load. Just another way for Google to spy on us anyway.

dAAve said...

I'm here. I'm late, but I'm here.
It's all good.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, it's so uplifting to read your blog. Love it.

I'm also loving the comments. My computer is soooo slow. I'm going to have to try some of those tips.

Debbi said...

Whenever I travel or whenever we have guests, I have to let blog-reading go, sometimes for a little while, sometimes for days. When I get back to it, yours is the first one I read. I love this post, how in the world are you going to top it on day 10,000? =)

ScottF said...

so today must be 9,999 days, how exciting! What a life, huh? God is good indeed!