Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well, it's night.  I want to go to bed.  I want to get up exceptionally early tomorrow and get to the pool - and try to swim for an hour before I go to work.  So, I better post something here now.

Unfortunately, my head is empty.  It often is by this time at night.  I am a morning person.  I wake up with ideas.  I go to bed done in.

OK, I have been sitting here for a half hour staring at this page.  I guess I must admit defeat.  I'll probably post something tomorrow morning - because I will probably have ideas.  For now, I am just done in.

But I am sober.  And that is nothing to sneeze at!  Thank you God.


Anonymous said...

So many many are sober tonight, including many alcoholics in my life, and so I join your 'Thank You God.'

My own recovery will hopefully be one of emotional or mental or spiritual sobriety, and tonight I feel some of that. So 'Thank you God' for that, too.


Syd said...

There are days when I cannot think of anything worth writing about because everything is just going along. But that is worth writing about too. Have a good night, MC.

TAD said...

MC: Your photos are beautiful, and I liked very much your Nov. 30 post about finding common ground with people -- advice I can use.
I'm not an alcoholic, don't drink at all, but my roommate drinks heavily almost every day and I'm trying to get a handle on why. Your blog just happened to be one of the places I stopped along the way.
My best to you this holiday season -- your blog is an inspiration.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Each day counts as something to be grateful for; having a home with a man one truly like to be near counts very highly too. Then there's food and transportation, and family very close. Our health pictures are benign and we're walking, talking and driving, so I am thankful for all that driving involves and hope for its healthy continuation.

Happy New Year, Mary Catherine.

I named my first daughter Catherine Elizabeth and wanted to call her KatieBeth. Alas I was voted down and she became our blue-eyed beautiful Cathi.

Deep inside me I am pretty sure there's someone somewhere who wants me to call her KatieBeth; my mission, should i choose to accept it, is to find her. Wanna cone along for the ride ?~!

Mary LA said...

Sleep well Mary Christine --

Commission Autopilot said...

Good one Keep it up