Saturday, December 03, 2011

Snowy Saturday

I woke up this morning at 4, ready to get up and go out with my running group.  I looked out the window and saw blizzard like conditions and plenty of snow on the ground.  I decided to bag it and go back to bed.  And I slept until 8 a.m!  CRAZY!  It is the first time I have missed a group run because of weather.  I feel like I slept all day!

I have a big date tonight - going to a trendy restaurant downtown.  I have it in my mind that since it is cold and snowy, I need a pair of jeggings to go with my super cool boots - but I am fighting the urge to go out and buy such an age-inappropriate thing to wear.  We'll see how I do with impulse-control today.

I had intended to be at the hardware store at their opening this morning to buy some more garland for my Christmas tree and a tree skirt.  I got a 20% coupon in the mail the other day.  I know that place gets mobbed when they have a coupon - and I usually arrive wondering what the big deal is.  I have finally gotten to the place where I am looking at coupons very carefully and making decisions based on discounts.  I did fight the urge to buy a beautiful Balsam Hill tree when they went on sale for Black Friday.... 40% wasn't enough of a discount in that case.  Because the amount of money I "saved" doesn't make up for the amount of money I wasted on something I never needed.

What's this got to do with anything?  Only everything.  Although I have been sober for over 27 years, I am still an infant in learning how to live like a responsible adult.  It just is not in my nature.  It is my heart's desire though, so by the Grace of God, I get better every day.

By God's Grace, I pray to stay sober all day today and I hope you do too.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Sober all day sounds Perfect to me, too. This is the season of saying no to well-meant offers of all kinds of liquor-enriched baked goods or yummy family recipes spiked with moonshine or Aunt Elvira's "homemade medicine". Ahhh, no thanks.

Your blog inspires me to do right every day-maintaining sobriety matters more than almost anything else. I have learned watching others relapse that without sobriety there's little else that will matter. Thanks for helping me remember that with your words.

Happy Holidays.

Barbara said...

I'll resist the urge to tell you to run out and by the jeggings (what are jeggings? jean leggings?). I think if a woman can pull something off, it doesn't matter what age she is...but knowing if you can pull it off is the key.

Have fun on your date. Is that a picture you took??? Its lovely! I love snow because I don't live in it.

Annette said...

Jegg-ings! Jegg-ings! Jegg_ings! Go and buy them. They look adorable with boots! No matter what age. :o) Have fun!

Lou said...

I'm reading a book on simplifying. It tells you take a look at every thing you own..I find myself seriously wondering why I bought 70% of the possessions I have. I say no to the jeggings..but then I haven't been on big date in a long time, so follow your heart.

Mary Christine said...

Yeah, I'm skipping the jeggings. I will wear a pair of velveteen pants - and they will look fabulous!

Pammie said...

Glad you got some sleep.
Hoping the weather doesn't prevent him from getting to your house...we close down everything if we look out in the morning and see that!
You're such a diva..LOL

Syd said...

I am sure that whatever you wear you will look good. Nice snow!

ScottF said...

Here's to a sober day just brimming with impulse control ;-)

I hope your date was wonderful!