Friday, December 09, 2011


This photo is the "back side" of the photo I posted yesterday.  I was taking photos of the sunrise, and for some reason, decided to take a photo of what was behind me - my car, still running, with headlights streaming out into the dawn.  Actually, the drivers side door was left open while I ran out to quickly snap a few pics.

On this, my 9,999th day of sobriety, I had intended to go to a spinning class - but I just couldn't move myself fast enough to get there by 6 a.m.  So, I have read blogs instead.  My computer (MacBook) is fast enough today which leads me to believe that it is my internet connection that needs some speed.  It seems I need to replace the modem every year or so.  Sad, because it costs money.  And I am having a bit of a shortage of that right now.

Last night I went to church and a verse I have heard all my life just leapt out and entered my heart.  And I cried (of course).  It was "Do not be afraid, Mary" spoken by the angel Gabriel.  Now, I know that was spoken to a young woman in Israel over two thousand years ago, but yesterday it felt like it was spoken just to me.

There really is a lot to be afraid about right now.  But there is also an awful lot to be grateful for.  And I know that when I trust God and just do the footwork, things tend to be OK.  Maybe not exactly the way I want them, but OK.

I'm getting my hair cut and colored tonight.  And when I can relax and not think about the million things I have to get done, I really enjoy sitting around the salon.  I have had the same hairstylist for the last 8 or 9 years, so we "know" each other.  I love to read trashy magazines (People, etc.) that I refuse to buy.  I love the female camaraderie.  Even though I have a huge weekend ahead where I have a ridiculous number of things to get done, I will make every effort to enjoy my little time-out at the salon.

It's all in how I want to look at things.  I think I will try to stay on the happy side today.  I may not be able to, but I will make the effort.

And I will thank God that I am sober for another day.


Syd said...

So blue and snowy there. I like the contrast with what is here--sunny with fall leaf color. A cool crisp day in store. Have a good one, MC. I like the message for Mary to not fear. Something for me to remember today too.

Furtheron said...

Another 24 hours - well done.

Well chilly here, but sunny, clear, no snow, not even rain - oh England in the winter time

Re your internet speed - before you spend money do a speed test on your line - is a good one. Do several at different times of the day if you can, then look what your provider claims you should be getting - they "throttle back" speed at some times you might find it isn't the box - if you are way below what you are paying for complain... if it doesn't improve see who else in your area can provide a service and if you move to them make it clear it was because you were short changed on the speed from the last supplier...

Mary LA said...

Loving the countdown! And the icy pic. Such a magnificent liturgy at this time of year.

dAAve said...

I like that picture.
I'm also glad I'm not in that snow.
When you get too busy this weekend, think of me.
I have no plans.

Pammie said...

I think the verse was just for you.
I'm so glad you're getting your hair done tonight, I would hate to have think of you entering your 10,000 of sobriety with a "used" hair cut.

Pammie said...

Oh good grief...I think the words in my head and just assume my fingers are following.

I would hate to have to think of you entering your 10,000 day of sobriety with a "used" hair cut.

Elizabeth said...

I love the time out at the salon too. And the trashy magazines! I hope you enjoyed yourself! Here's to the big 10,000!