Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Happenings

I am going for my much feared MRI this morning.  My fella is picking me up at 5:45 a.m.  How crazy is that?  How nice that he is willing to do this.  He said he will text me when he leaves the house so I will know he is awake and on his way.  How thoughtful!

Last night I couldn't sleep.  Thinking about the MRI.  Thinking about what I have to wear that is cute but has no metal in it.  Think about it ladies, this means no normal bra with hooks or underwires .... so I will wear some funky old sports bra I have.  And I think a dress with leggings.  If I were going alone, I would be wearing sweats and a t-shirt.  But we are going out for breakfast after, and I can't go out for breakfast in sweats.

Then since the middle of the night is the best time for self-doubt to creep in, I thought about my interview on Friday.  I thought about things I said, but particularly all the "ummmmmm, ummmmmm...." answers.  Because almost every question she asked me caught me off guard.  And that is probably not a good interview.  Here is the good part about that -- I have a job.  I don't even dislike it.  I could easily spend the rest of my career there.  Which is another reason for self-doubt.  Why change everything up at this advanced age?  It would take a whole other page to list the reasons, so I won't.  But there are good ones... like the need for a challenge, and the need for a change.

But I won't be terribly unhappy if I find I don't get this job.  I will probably be ecstatic if I do though.

OK, so this is the kind of thinking that spins around my mind in the night.

And now it is a new day.  The sun will come up, and I will have my MRI over with in a couple of hours.  I will get to have a nice breakfast with this man who impresses me more every day.

I know that God is "large and in charge," so it's going to be OK.  No matter what.

I'm likely to stay sober today - and I hope you all do too.


dAAve said...

You sound so damn normal.

Miracle, huh?

Lou said...

I just hope the results of the MRI allow you to get back on the beautiful roads around your home.

Annette said...

Hoping for clear MRI results that lead to a solution for you. Have a beautiful day.

Barbara said...

Ditto to all of the above. At least you will have the MRI behind you and can put a decent bra back on when you get home :)

Syd said...

Good luck with the MRI. Your fella sounds like a good dude. I am sure that he probably won't care what you are wearing as long as you are okay.
Wonderful photo!

Ms Kay said...

Hope the MRI goes okay
And while Im sure your fella is no doubt nice then he's there because he cares for you !

Pammie said...

I hope today went well. I'm glad you've gotten thru the scary stuff!!

ScottF said...

Golly can I relate to those mid-night thoughts...

I'm getting ready for a run at a major career upgrade... So the committee is trying to convene late at night lol

I'm glad you decided to allow your friend to drive you to the MRI today. I pray that it went well and there's good news on the horizon!

Mary LA said...

I hope the MRI went well. I'm sure you looked great!