Friday, August 06, 2010

7:30, 3:30, 5:15, 10 Miles - 1 Day at a Time

I was planning on going to bed at 7:30 - I am a bit late for that.
The alarm is set for 3:30.
I am meeting my running ladies at 5:15.
We are doing 10 miles.
I am excited about this.

My clothes are laid out on my bedside table.
My shoes are on the floor beside it, with socks tucked inside.
My contact lens case is on the counter, ready to go.
The water bottle, almond butter, and shot blocks are packed.

Oh, I know this is probably boring as hell to read about. But it is all I am thinking about right now. I had a full day starting at 6:30 this morning at church, meetings all day, a chiropractor appointment, etc. It was a good day (if you don't look too closely - and I am determined not to). I don't need to go looking for trouble. If I want to think about how I was mistreated or slighted, I can, but it will only lead to misery.

Instead I can think about what all I have to look forward to tomorrow. After all of that, I will bake a pie for a friend who celebrates a birthday tomorrow. He asked me to bake a pie for him. I will bring it to our monthly group event tomorrow night. Yummy.

And now, my phone has been ringing and I have been talking, and I have a voice mail from a sponsee - and I better return her call.

I guess I am not going to bed at 7:30 after all.

Thank you God for such beautiful people in my life.
p.s., after talking to my sponsee, now I am baking 2 strawberry rhubarb pies tomorrow!


Andrew said...

Oh yes! Strawberry/Rhubarb pies are my favorite. Sweet and sour.

You are an inspiration to me.

shadowlands said...

I like your little details.Also, I like it when people post fotos of their clothes and shoes, and say why they like/bought them etc.
I guess in the end, it's the simple things that keep my head going at all..........

Come to think of it. What have you got in your fridge? Americans always have huge fridges full of all sorts of jars and pickles and enough food to feed the five thousand. I remember my Aunt's fridge when I visited. It was big enough to sit in!!

And finally, I like the sound of 'them thur' rhubarb pies.
Now, I am going to go and buy one and then make a pint of custard, It is a plan, for Saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

Go girl,your an inspiration to me too. Good luck.

dAAve said...

That all sounds pretty damn good.
ESPECIALLY the pies!!

Scott said...

I hope you're running well and enjoying this morning MC!

Carrie Burtt said...

Sounds wondereful...have a great weekend! :-)

Syd said...

Have a great run and a good day.

shadowlands said...

Sorry Mary Christine! I Forgot to say enjoy your run. I was too busy thinking about pies and wot you'd got in your fridge.

Willa said...

I love to read what you write. I never think that it's boring!

I wish someone would bake pies at our homegroup. Or just a pie for my birthday.

Annette said...

What do you use the almond butter for and what are shot blocks? I like reading about are an inspiration!

shadowlands said...

Pie. custard.