Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Day at Church

Church(es) actually. More than one. Three. Today was the first day of Biblical School. That is an all day event, which was held at a church. When I left there, I was near one of my favorite churches, with a favorite priest, and thought I would go to confession. So I did.

After I listed my sins (think character defects if it makes you feel more comfortable), the priest asked me the most uncanny question. He said "are you familiar with the program of Alcoholics Anonymous?" and I replied, "Yes, I have been a member for 26 years." Then he said that I couldn't fix my own alcoholism and I couldn't fix my own sin (character defects). That I needed God's Grace. Well, I am a big fan of Grace (as our friend the former blogger Ed G. says). My penance (amends) is a very simple thing, reach out to someone every single day, and take inventory (my word, not his) every night. I think I might have been speaking to a recovering alcoholic priest. That's OK. I am glad he understood what I was talking about. He did.

Then on to another church for my regular Saturday evening (Sunday anticipated) mass. There was a visiting priest at my church. A man my age, wearing birkenstocks! With bare feet! Very weird.

So, now I am at home. I am listening to crickets again. I made a recording of them last night. I love crickets.

I will get to bed soon and then get up early tomorrow and get to a meeting. I am looking forward to a Sunday when I don't have to do anything. I am exhausted! I think I am still feeling the effects from my run yesterday. When I called it "heat exhaustion" I wasn't just picking words at random, I really believe I had heat exhaustion. Coachie said she was worried she was going to have to call an ambulance for me. That is nothing to fool around with!

I better write an "on message" post again soon. I have been so overwhelmed with work and marathon training, I haven't sat down and written anything blog worthy in a while. I guess if the point of my blog is just to share the life of a sober alcoholic woman, I am doing that. But I like to have at least one good post a week and I think I may be overdue.

Thanks for reading and commenting anyway. I do appreciate you all.

xoxox, mc


steveroni said...

I read you, and learn, but seldom comment. I believe that "...share(ing) the life of a sober alcoholic woman"...or man, is QUITE a noble form of presenting, or representing "How it Works"

Syd said...

God's grace is boundless. Sounds as if your day was filled with it.

Brian M said...

"reach out to someone every single day, and take inventory (my word, not his) every night."
Thinking about it, I guess a penance is supposed to be a gift. Yours certainly is.

dAAve said...

I read your blog because I remain interested in you as a person. Period. The topic is not really that important. Recovery is all about living sober. And you share that with us.


Carverlane said...

This was absolutely blog-worthy!
Hope you are enjoying your day today.

Kim from sAn Antonio

marie said...

interesting what the priest said. One time, a young priest at my church was talking about spirituality during a homily at mass and said that the most spiritual people he has ever met are those who are recovered alcohol and drug addicts in 12 step programs "because they've been reduced to a point of ultimate surrendering that most are not." I thought that was so cool!

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