Thursday, August 26, 2010

Suddenly Blue

Suddenly I have blue things! What? Green is my favorite color. I also like pink a lot. Why suddenly do I have a pair of blue shoes and a blue camelbak? Well, I guess it is because I am not a totally vain girl, when I find the right pair of shoes, I will buy them, even though they are blue, and when I found the camelbak that fit me OK and I hope won't cause too many problems as I run (16 or 18 miles tomorrow!) I bought it. I bought the hydration pack during a quick venture to REI at lunch time today. I also took a quick stroll over to the women's clothing section and purchased a technical tee in GREEN, with some flowers of blue and purple. That is a way to compromise and still wear green.

Yes, I am taking a day of vacation tomorrow so that I can run my mileage on Friday instead of Saturday. On Saturday I have my first day of the fourth year of Biblical School - and it lasts all day. I am really looking forward to that, except that my summer homework assignment was to read an entire book (that I have only read a few pages of) and answer some essay questions about it. I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to a delicious afternoon, tired as can be, sitting in my bed with books, Bible, and laptop. Oh, and with the AC blasting. It is hot, hot, hot.

I am meeting my coach and another woman at 8 a.m. for 16 or 18 miles. They are doing 18. I am scheduled for 16. I will see what coach says about me doing 18. She may not like the idea since I am coming back from yet another injury (badly infected blisters on my foot - they are still there, but don't hurt anymore after a week of antibiotics).

My daughter was here tonight. She is OK. She got through the moving out of the b.f.'s apartment. She called in all kinds of reinforcements - including the Police. She certainly is resourceful, and always has been. Her daughters (my granddaughters) were here. The little one has lost her first baby tooth today, in her first week of first grade. A gap toothed grin is charming when it graces the mouth of a little one you love. (not so charming when it is on the mouth of the daughter's latest boyfriend, but that is a different story.) The girls went back home to the safety of their grandfather's (my ex's) house, where they live. On days like this, I can see the wisdom of that arrangement. But let me hasten to add: my daughter is sober and actively recovering from lots and lots of stuff.

I found out today that my suicidal friend has been discharged from the hospital to a "drying out" place. I don't know what her dispo will be after the few days they will hold her. I have never known anyone who needs long term treatment as much as her. I hope she will be able to get it. I can pray for her...

I can pray for my daughter and pray I am setting the best possible example of sober womanhood.

And I can know that God has me exactly where he wants me. Blue? Green? What difference does it make? It is a beautiful sober world.


Mary LA said...

I am so glad to know your daughter is safe and I hope your friend is able to get treatment that helps her stay sober.

Good luck with the run! Lucky in blue.

dAAve said...

see above

Syd said...

Glad that your daughter is taking care of herself. And glad that you are not blue but simply wearing it. Have a good day.

Scott said...

a post filled with peace, very nice place you've found yourself in :-)

Carrie Burtt said...

Glad you are blue in a good way....thanks for all the inspiration you continually give!
Hope you have a great weekend!

that girl said...

blue rawks!