Monday, August 02, 2010

Fire on the Mountain

Or what you don't want to see when you are driving home from work.

I stopped at the end of the street to take a photo of the fire and another car stopped ahead of me. When I got out of my car, I heard that he very thoughtfully provided the soundtrack for a video. Who would think to provide theme music to a fire? Apparently he did. So, we have "Fire on the Mountain" by Grateful Dead. Sheesh.

Fortunately, we have rain tonight. Unusual. Happy. Fortuitous. The fire is gone. The highway is reopened.

Do you know that I was a "deadhead" before there were "deadheads?" I loved the Grateful Dead. I went to all of their concerts in the midwest back in the 1960s. We would travel for hundreds of miles to see them. Funny, because back then their appeal (to me anyway) was that they were relatively quiet and peaceful. Their concerts were nice and there was no violence or scariness there. Funny how things can change in 20 or 30 or 40 or now 50 years. I guess if you went now it would be a geriatric concert. I have absolutely no interest in living in the past...

Tomorrow I will run 7 miles. Happily. Gratefully.

Today I got a text from a sponsee. "sorry I haven't called....bla bla bla" why does that annoy me? Like I have been sitting here waiting for her to call. She should apologize to herself for not availing herself of a sponsor. I can't imagine why she would apologize to ME. If she doesn't want to call me, perhaps she should find someone she WANTS to call. I just don't understand. Truly I don't.

OK. Going to bed. Happy I don't have to worry about an evacuation. Grateful for too many things to list right now because I am too tired.

The Grace of God is immense.


dAAve said...


marie said...

lol...I have a newer sponsee that does that to me too. I told her the first 5 times, "don't apoligize to me, it's your program." Now I don't say anything.

Syd said...

I get the same stuff. The excuses for not doing the work, not calling, not doing any of what was suggested. I explain that I am glad to have worked the program and know what I need to do. I won't work their program for them, yet I seem more willing than they. Interesting stuff how people will use excuses to continue their misery. Ah well....not my business.

Julie B said...

I have a sponsee that says that too. And it annoys me greatly.
Until now, I didnt know why. Its because I ~have~ been waiting for her to call. I forget sometimes that "No human power could keep us sober, but god could and would if He were sought".
Sheesh...sometimes my ego gets in the way.....:-)

Scott said...

as it is with many "newly recovered" folks, she has it backwards, just like I did. I'm relieved that the fires are going out!

Brad said...

I find it difficult (as the new-again guy) to find things to talk about with my sponsor on the phone. It's usually a message, saying "hi, i'm just checking in" and then I see him at a meeting, but honestly, there's nothing to talk about. Maybe it's a lack of drama in my life? I think I just forget about the drama by the time I think to call him!