Monday, August 02, 2010

Back to the Work-a-Day World

I recycled this title - as any blogger knows, as you type in a few letters, blogger fills in titles of old posts... this was an old post. So, I will go with this title today, I think it fits.

Then, as I go through my photo library, I usually chose to go through the past year of photos, which will sometimes remind me of what I was doing a year ago this time. This photo reminds me that a year ago today I was doing my last triathlon. I decided not to do it this year - for the first time in six years I am missing it - because I wanted to focus all my energy on marathon training. After the triathlon last year, I headed out to visit my sponsor on the western slope. Yesterday I booked my trip on the Amtrak to visit my sponsor - the day after a half-marathon later this month. I am very excited about both of these events. After the drive to San Antonio and then Corpus Christi I am not anxious to take another road trip, but a train trip sounds great!

One of the things I love about marathon training is that it forces a person of my age to rest. Rest is something I am usually not good at scheduling. Yesterday I knew I would be tired, so I planned on going to an early meeting, and to meet a dear friend for breakfast - these were both wonderful activities - both very restorative to my soul. Then I came home and slept and watched the Sunday morning news shows on DVR and my netflix movie and knitted and talked on the phone and I even ordered a spaghetti dinner to be delivered from the neighborhood Italian restaurant! My punitive nature would like to chastise me for being "lazy," but then I remember that there is even a commandment that says I am not supposed to do anything on Sunday. It is a very good thing.

I almost feel ready to face the day at work today. Regardless of how I feel, I will just march in there and put a smile on my face and give it my very best effort. Thank God they taught me to "fake it till you make it" when I was new in sobriety. People may argue with the validity of that advice, but it has served me well over the years. I don't have to *feel* like smiling or working or giving it my best shot today - I just have to do it. My feelings usually follow my action and I have seldom found that I get a "good" feeling first and then follow up with action. If I waited until I felt good to do good, it just would never happen.

So, I think I will stay sober today, and I hope you all join me, OK?


Carrie Burtt said...

Your blog is such an inspiration, and your words ring true! Hope you have a great week! :-)

marcia said...

My first post to a blog account! Have been following you awhile--21 months sober. I get something helpful from every one of your posts. Thank you for being here for me! Be good to yourself...

Hope said...

I've been working really hard the past few days and yesterday took the day off, doing nothing.

Last night as I was brushing my teeth the thought flitted through my mind, "What a waste of a day." I stopped and reframed it to myself and told DH how hard it is to do nothing and feel okay about it.

We had bacon and eggs and fried potatoes for supper last night (no delivery out here in the boonies unfortunately.) It always seems like a treat to have breakfast for supper!

dAAve said...

I'm a strong proponent of fake it til you make it. It serves me well too.

I love that picture.

shadowlands said...

'So, I think I will stay sober today, and I hope you all join me, OK?'

sounds like a good deal to me!!

Her Big Sad said...

Your day of rest sounds marvelous! I think I will schedule one for myself!

Syd said...

I had a restful day in a way yesterday, although a also worked sporadically when there was time to get cracking on the winch of this very large sailboat. It was a long but good day. Glad that you had a good day too MC.