Monday, August 09, 2010

Do you know why I don't link to any commercial website?

I am way too tired. I have been up since 4. I need to go to bed. Right now.

I wanted to post something and had no idea what to write.

I saw that blogger wants me to link to a certain bookseller on my blog. Then if someone buys a book, I might earn a few cents. Sounds good, maybe.

Maybe not.

What if someone comes here looking for information about Alcoholics Anonymous and they click on a link that has come up about some book someone has written, say on how to quit drinking without need for a higher power or meetings or ongoing help? What good would my blog be then? It certainly wouldn't serve any purpose that I think it has.

I see others' blogs have links to all kinds of ads for things. Some of them, I am sure, have no control over what is going to be advertised. Just like my g-mail. If I write an e-mail about my back pain, there will be ads for devices, creams, tinctures, pills, and all manner of things that someone might try to sell someone who is suffering from back pain on the borders of my e-mail inbox. (It is really rather creepy, but not so dangerous, I don't think.) I am quite capable of ignoring these.

But would I put conflicting advice about treatment for alcoholism on my blog? No.

I am perfectly clear about what my message is. I have only my own story to share. My own story is that I drank until I despaired of drinking another drop. In desperation, I called Alcoholics Anonymous and the good folks there were willing to help me. They nursed me back to health. They held my hand through the twelve steps and a new life was revealed to me. I got to live this new life and hold the hand of others as they find the same.

That's my message. I don't want anything else here. And I certainly don't want to be selling anything.

Freely it was given to me. And freely, and anonymously, I help others, if I can, to find the same miracle. God is merciful, generous, and loving, and free to all.


Syd said...

I've had those offers to advertise something or to provide links, etc. I just don't want to do that. I have my blog for me, not as a commercial enterprise.

Mary LA said...

I agree with you. And my blog has a free hosting service so it costs me nothing to blog except a little time and thought. No need for money-spinning links that contradict the purpose of the blog.

dAAve said...

OK. I'm sold.

steveroni said...

Yeah dAAve...I'll buy that.

Anonymous said...
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Mary Christine said...

That's funny jack-wagon. The above was a bunch of links for penis enlargement.

marie said...

I have had those offers too. I had a company or two award me special recognition for the message I carry and in exchange for placing this award on my site, I have to link to their "business". I do like the idea of making money for people clicking on ads, but I won't be doing it on this blog.

Scott said...

I had thought about monetizing my blog. I won't do it, for exactly the same reasons you identify in your post. This isn't for sale and I don't want to confuse the message.