Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Morning

I am so happy to be wearing jeans and danskos to work today.  I will also wear a wool sweater.  It will get up into the 70ºs outside today - but I know my office will never get up into the 70ºs.  I am always happy to switch out the clothing as the seasons change - although it is clear that the warm weather will return... and that is good too.

Last night I was supposed to have dinner with a woman I had sponsored back in the 80s.  She canceled as I suspected she might.  We talked on the phone for probably as long as a quick meal might have taken.  Well, she talked and I listened.  It is amazing what happens to us when we let go of the program and go off on our own.   She is someone I loved and hope will come back to the fold, so to speak.  She is a beautiful woman.

Every morning I wake up and make myself a cup of coffee.  Then I sit in my little prayer chair and read my daily readings and say my daily prayers.  I then ask God for his help that I may do His will - and then I start my list of people I pray for.  I will add my friend's name to this list.  And then I have my time of meditation.  This is how I start my every single day - no matter what is on the agenda.

Some days I can get to church and add another hour of prayer, I am fortunate that my particular religion has lots of opportunities for silent prayer.  Prayer is good.  The writers of the big book were clear about the need for prayer.   There is a whole step about prayer and meditation.  Whenever someone calls me all in a flutter about this and that and the other, the first thing I ask is "Do you start every single day with prayer?"

"Step Eleven suggests prayer and meditation.  we shouldn't be shy on this matter of prayer.  Better men than we are using it constantly.  It works, if we have the proper attitude and work at it.  It would be easy to be vague about this matter."  Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 86


Syd said...

It is finally cooler here. Maybe even time to put on some jeans today. I start my day with meditation and reading. And in there is a prayer to do God's will. Throughout the day, I can have my conversations with God. It helps me when things get overwhelming.

dAAve said...

The best (and often only) advice I can give someone who comes to me with a problem is ...
"Have you prayed about it?"

Annette said...

I love the idea of a prayer "routine." I need that. My life is helter skelter with my crazy work I pray int he car and through out the day as all comes to mind. But a routine...that sounds so calm and serenity inducing. :o)

Lou said...

The best gift I ever got from blogging was reading about this group of bloggers who took time for daily prayer and reflection. I had never heard of that before!! It was intriguing to me, and eventually I incorporated it into my life.

What a blessing to have found you all.

April said...

Reading this was good for me. Sometimes my mornings seem so busy I forget to do the little things like my daily readings and mediatate. Little things, but important things.