Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The weather is changing.  I always welcome this change to cooler weather.  It is supposed to rain today and I welcome that as well - not that it matters one whit whether I do or not!

Last night I hosted the meeting of my HOA.  I have grown comfortable with this group, but this comfort did not come overnight.  A few years ago I quit the group after my initial commitment of two years - those two years were full of uncomfortable conflict.  I was gone for just a few months when the president of the board asked me to come back and I did.  And I have enjoyed it since then.  A couple of the people who were on some kind of crazy, misguided power-trips have left the board and I think we have a sensible resident-focused HOA now and I am glad to be on it.

I have a huge day at work today again.  I thought if I woke up at 4:30 this morning I would have time to get a few miles in, but I don't.  I will have to do that somehow tonight.  I have to get out of here so I have time to get out of work early so I can do what I need to do tonight.  I really am a bit over-scheduled.

My boss brought up alcoholism again yesterday.  I told her that I tell NO ONE at work that I am an alcoholic.  She assured me that she will tell no one.  I told her that was not the point and if I had it to do over again, I would never tell her, that she caught me off guard  and I regretted telling her.  That I do not feel comfortable talking about this at work.  I hope she can knock this off.

OK, with God's grace, I will stay sober today and live to the best of my ability - and I hope you all do too!


Syd said...

I only told one person at work about my situation. I regret doing it also. Somehow someone at work found out about my blog and left a few nasty notes under my door. It was one of the reasons that I was glad to retire and have spent minimal time back at the laboratory since because of the anonymous notes. Sad really. Have a good day, MC. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate all of them.

dAAve said...

Good for you on the HOA situation. I remember when you quite that position. LOL

If you need me someone to "take care of" your boss, let me know. I'll tell Syd.