Monday, September 05, 2011


I spent all day working on a quilt for my baby granddaughter.  When I say I worked on the quilt, I started by needing to clean out a closet to find parts to the sewing machine.  The parts were on the bottom, covered by about 7 years of gift bags, purses, christmas ornaments, gift wrap, ribbons, and other very special items I felt it necessary to throw in the bottom of a closet.  Then once I threw away most of that, I had to clean off the ton of mail that had accumulated on top of the sewing machine.  And extra buttons,  price tags, washing instructions, race packet innards, etc.  Once I threw away most of that, I needed to dust the machine, and then spend an hour or so making it work properly.

I needed to look up youtube videos on how to do various tasks that I didn't remember how to do.  How on earth did we do anything before the internet?

I literally spent all day on this and have one square to show for it.  But most of the foundational work is done.  I hope I can get this little quilt done before her first birthday.  We shall see.

I saw no one after the meeting this morning.  I talked on the phone to only a few people.

I am looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the 17 th anniversary of my working there.  You know what?  That is too damn long to work in one place.

I'll pray for God to work on my attitude while I sleep tonight.  He is so good at that.

God bless you all.


Syd said...

Bless you too, MC. You are a consistent voice, steady and trustworthy for me.

dAAve said...

I think these are all pretty damn good problems.

Lou said...

A cousin made my daughter a baby quilt. It will always be treasured.

Pammie said...

Memory lane closet sorting can take all day! Maybe my quilting project would be easier if I bought a sewing machine!!!

Patty said...

I never thought of researching You Tube for sewing videos. Thanks MC. I was trearing my hair out with my embroidery machine the other day seeing how it has been almost a year since I used it. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.
BTW the quilt is beautiful.