Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is another photo I love.  I took this in Seward, Alaska while visiting there.  

I am a bit discombobulated.  I don't use the word "depression" lightly, so I am not going to use it - yet.  But it seems like it is at least looking in my windows, and prying at my doors.  Maybe it has the code to the garage door and has gotten in at night.  

I have a long history with this burglar that has come and stolen bits and pieces and chunks of my life.  I feel like I have learned to live along side him, to acknowledge him, but not allow him to take over.  But I admit, he does scare me.  

So, here's what I know... I trust God and pray every single morning and throughout each and every day.  Every day is a day when I must turn my thoughts to others... when I leave my thoughts to myself my thoughts turn rancid.  I must eat three good meals a day with whole grains, vegetables, lean protein, and a small bit of fruit.  I must exercise at least a bit every day, and a LOT at least 4 times a week.   I need about 9 hours of sleep a night.  I need at least one hour of quiet to myself a day.  .... This is what I know about how I live with depression.  And I have not found it necessary to take medications for this beast for many many years, thanks be to God.  

I have a race on Sunday that I am really looking forward to.  It is a trail race with three river crossings - not on bridges, through the river!  How exciting!  My daughter decided to join me.  She has not trained, so this should be interesting.  We are going shopping at lunch today to get her some clothes for the race.  There really is some logic to this, but it is too much to go into here....  I am really looking forward to this and my daughter being there will make it even better.  

I hope you all have a lovely, sober day today.  


Lou said...

My mind can be stilled, and my heart calmed by reading the thoughtful reflections of others who live with the belief that life has a purpose.

This post has done that.

Matching running dresses..wouldn't that be adorable??

dAAve said...

Maybe somewhere in the back of your mind you are mulling over the possibility of ending your (competitive) running career.
Maybe this has you down a little.

just sayin' ...

PS - word verification = hiblog

Mary Christine said...

Lou, you are kind. And my daughter would die before she would wear a matching running dress with me.

Dave, I am a bit sad about that.

Anonymous said...

My first time here. I'm glad I stopped by. I'm a true believer that things happen for a reason....and I just happened upon your blog. Thank you!

Syd said...

I have seen what a dark thing depression is. My mother suffered terribly from it. But even for her, there were solutions. I am glad that you have found ones that work for you. Keep the black dog at bay, MC.

Pammie said...

Oh she will learn a lot about her mother when she tries to keep up!
I'm about ready for you to design a line of running clothes (???)

Mary Christine said...

Anonymous - welcome, hope you'll come back, and introduce yourself - but only if you want to.

Syd - depression is literally a killer. I know you suffered watching your mom.

Pammie, I have actually considered designing a running dress. They cost $88 each!!!