Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The shadow of the giant woman in a runnning dress!  I don't know why I am so fond of photos of my shadow when they make me look so huge!

Yesterday I was inspired by MaryinAfrica to answer comments on the blog.  She does this every day.  She also uses wordpress so she can respond to a comment.  I use free blogger - and I am not going to change now - 6 years later - all I can do is just post another comment.  I also visited someone who often comments on Mary's blog and she answers all of her comments.  I thought - how nice!

I have often said (more often complained) that I think a blog is a conversation, and there can be no conversation without comments.

I realize there are constraints on my time since I have a full time job and other obligations.  So I may not be able to do this.  There are also constraints on my disposition, since I tend to be thin-skinned and can be argumentative.  Sometimes I spill my guts here and someone comes by who doesn't know me from Adam and drops a little big book quote on me as if I never heard of the book before... and their quote will help me to realize that perhaps I ought to purchase one!

I am going to try this out for a day or two.  Bear with me if you will dear reader.

0K.  It is going to be a good day.  I am going to be sober most likely all day long.  And I am going to thank God for that.


Syd said...

I like the idea of commenting to people on what they wrote. I often don't go back to read those comments on the comments though. I also agree that blogging is not just one person's voice but the comments are important. I learn a lot from the sharing of others and what they think. It is part of the dialogue. I remember Tab telling me when I got started that the thing to do was to comment on the blogs of others and they would comment on mine. Tit for tat, so to speak. I don't think that holds true anymore.

Pammie said...

It's funny because I was thinking the exact same thing this morning about comment answering comments!

I of course, know the comments you mean!!LOL
Maybe your shadow is proof positive to you - that you are present.

Mary Christine said...

Syd, I agree, we used to comment back and forth on each others' blogs. Now people just read and seldom comment. It doesn't feel like a community that way.

Pammie, so glad you are OK! And I guess you are right - the shadow tells me I am not a vampire or something like that.

dAAve said...

I read.
I understand.
I comment.

Lou said...

I've thought about it also, but then people have to go back and read the answer to their comments.

Care to comment on that?

Mary Christine said...

Dave, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lou, I read Mary in Africa every morning. I start to see what she said in the comments the day before. I like it! So, that's my comment on that!

Mary LA said...

Responded to a previous post earlier, lol clueless etc. I am thrilled you read me Mary Christine!

I don't know if readers go back and look at previous comments on comments. I suppose I'll find out. It is just nice to acknowledge the comments.

Mary Christine said...

Mary, I am thrilled your thrilled - really. And I love reading your comments on comments. It seems so nice.