Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Monday Morning

I read what I posted last night and I couldn't leave it all day as my last post.  What I thought was cute as I wrote it last night just looked kind of bitchy this morning.   I am a morning person, I do everything better in the morning, including write.

Why a photo of my foot, you may ask.  Well, there is something very strange about my foot, but I don't think you can tell.  I am losing a toenail - again.  I had just lost the nail on the second toe on the right foot a few weeks before the race in August.  I thought I was all set to go.  But I developed a terrible blister underneath the new toenail and unfortunately, that usually means you will lose the toenail.  Usually there is a little nail under the toenail as it falls off - but there is nothing but skin under this one.  I am hoping to keep the nail on for a little while longer.  So I put a bandaid on it.  And then I thought it looked funny, so I painted a little dab of nail polish on it in the shape of a toenail.  And then I wonder why people think I am a bit peculiar....

Today is the 17th anniversary of my employment at the hospital.  When I started, I said I wanted to work there until I retired.  I think I may have recently changed my mind.  I still have another ten years to work, I would like very much to be happy in those ten years.  There is no point in grimly staying somewhere because I said I would.  No one I said it to even works there anymore!

This determination has served me well in my sobriety, but I am learning it can be a character defect in other areas of my life.  I remember a sponsor I had long ago who said when she got into a rut, she moved in the furniture and the rugs, got comfortable and just stayed there.  She didn't stay sober.

I think I am ready to break out of some ruts in my life.

But I wouldn't consider sobriety a rut.  I would consider it a blessing. And a discipline.  And a beautiful habit.  And I thank God for it every single day.


Syd said...

I think that I perhaps stayed about 10 years too long at the marine lab. But I made it through, although the budget cuts and diminution of staff took its toll on me. I was stressed and basically glad to be gone once I got over the grieving of the job.

dAAve said...

Sobriety got me OUT of a rut.

Mary Christine said...

Good point Dave!

shadowlands said...

I think the nail varnish in a shape of a nail is a good idea. What about a false nail, stuck onto the plaster with superglue? Get a plaster that only looks like a plaster in the middle but is invisible on the sticky bits for a more realistic look. I might do it myself, on all my nails, well a couple of the more dreadful ones anyway.

My feet hurt. I'm too old for the office (well my feet are). I should have learned to knit, I could sit in a rocking chair creating scarves for these colder winters we seem to be getting and sell them on a market stall, drinking warm soup at the same time. Yes, I am in a Christmas mood, why d'you ask?

I need to post something Christmassy and snowy...these religious nut bloggers do my alcoholic head in sometimes, but I am addicted to them aswell. I like to confuse them once in a while by posting some random stuff. Random to them, wandering seasons make complete sense in my projecting head. It's good having an AA type blog to visit and feel sane for five minutes heehee!

Sorry Mary C, I've daydreamed out loud in your commbox.

As for changing your mind re your job, why not? It's your mind. Don't let others rent space in it, with their time machines insisting you live in the past. If the decision change isn't a sin (or your appropriate moral type word) change away. A change, is as good as a rest! (That's a saying, over here, by the way.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Wow, the band-aid disappeared !~! You may have solved a conundrum for me; thanks. I have changed jobs a dozen times for lots of different reasons. Go for it.

Pammie said...

I can not comment on toenails.
But I like the shoes and nail polish color.