Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This photo was taken a year ago today.  I love it and may very well have it printed 8X10 and framed for my office along with some other photos I have taken over the years.  Do you know this is a side benefit of this blog because I would never have taken these photos if not for the blog?

I have been crying all morning.  Inconsolable weeping, heaving sighs, like a small child.  I'm thinking there is something wrong here.  I have got some trouble, but I'm not sure the trouble is commensurate with this affect.  Oh, who knows, maybe it is.

I got an envelope in last night's mail from the Colorado Department of Revenue and I thought "Dear God, I cannot deal with this - I will quit my job, I will leave my home, I will go be a hobo."  Honestly, I just can't deal with one more thing - particularly one more financial thing.  And sure enough, it was a bill, due and payable upon receipt - with interest already calculated in.  It seems they have discovered that I made an error in 2008.  WTF?   Do they pay people to just randomly go through tax returns of years past looking for errors?  Couldn't they have found this in 2008?

It looks have got a financial perfect storm brewing.  Taking cuts in pay three years running while the cost of everything else has increased is a bit disconcerting.  All this happening as I am turning 60 years old is a bit sickening.  Money has never been the most important thing to me, but I have always liked being able to pay my bills and eat.  Oh well.

Here's what I do know:

  • I am sober and that is miraculous.
  • I like my job most of the time and I am working on some projects that are challenging and fun.  
  • These projects involve teams that I thought at the time I was putting them together were unusual, now I think they are awesome!
  • I never thought it would be a good idea to go hiking in Iran
  • My family is all well
  • Last night's mail also contained an invitation to my granddaughter's first birthday party
  • An awesome half-marathon on Sunday - complete with 3 river crossings - grateful I am a 59 year old who thinks this is a good way to spend a Sunday
  • My sponsor and sponsees are beautiful women I love
  • My blogger pals are awesome too!  
  • God loves us all, no matter what we have done or how much money we owe the state.
Have a good sober day everyone.  


Syd said...

Perhaps they will allow you to make payments. I know there is a solution. I believe in solutions. I don't like to read that you are crying. But I see the gratitude list and know that there is much to be grateful for, even if it isn't the IRS. Hope that your day improves, MC.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks Syd. You are unfailingly kind.

Kathy said...

You can set up a payment schedule. Do not fret, everything will work out.

Kathy said...

One more thing. Did you have a service prepare your taxes? If so I would contact them and maybe they would be responsible in some way. I know my daughter works for a tax preparing service and if you purchased their "peace of mind" they may be responsible for the charges.

Gin said...

This too shall pass. Hang in there. LOVE the gratitude list and the way you are spending your Sunday. Sounds like the PERFECT Sunday to me. =)

Carverlane said...

There are two or three guys in my home group who have been amazed by how well they have been able to resolve tax issues. And that precious grandbaby is turning 1 already? Time flies!

Jeremy said...

I love your gratitude list! I'm sorry you're going through that I can relate for sure.

Everyone is right - there is a solution

Mary Christine said...

Oh you guys, the solution is money unfortunately. I just need to send them some money. Yes, they will work out a payment plan, but payments require money.

And no, I always do my own taxes. Maybe next year I won't.

Lou said...

Guess what! We got a large tax bill earlier this year from 2008 also! I was shocked. I have done our taxes always.

We had cashed in an annuity, and I didn't realize it was treated as a retirement account. Neither of us is 59 1/2, so we had the early withdrawal penalty AND the interest on it.

We had to seriously cut back to pay the IRS. I took a hard look at all our bills..cable, cell, etc..I called and tried to negotiate lower rates. It made us cut out extras we did not need.


Patrizia said...

it'll all get sorted out... and you got your priorities straight... every thing else will fall into place.

Steve E said...

I have found some state revenue departments to be not nearly as 'forgiving' as the IRS.

Sitting here on sidelines, reading you over several years now, I am certain you will come out on top of this one as well, Mary.


Pammie said...

Damn that G-Man!
It's hard to believe that child is a year old. Hang in there sweet apple pie lady.

Mary Christine said...

Lou, I canceled two accounts yesterday. And I am sure I will find more fat to trim - and some lean too.

Steve - the fact that I work for this particular G-man and have taken cuts in pay for the last three years is particularly ironic to me.

Pammie - you are the sweetest.