Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Morning is full of Hope

I love this photo.  It was taken two weeks ago while I was out with my running club.  It shows several groups of runners out ahead of us on the trail.  Usually you can't see a mile ahead like this.  I love this particular trail, well, except for the hills!  Today we are going to a trail I have never been to before.  And I am going to do 9 miles, and I am looking forward to that as much as I used to look forward to a nice pint at my favorite bar.

Yesterday I registered for a half marathon - it is on September 25.  I thought I wasn't going to do another one, but reconsidered.  I have wanted to do this race since I heard of it a year and a half ago.  It is a mile from my house!  It has two river crossings in it!  It has 900 feet of elevation gain in it!  It will be killer and I have little doubt I will come in last in the half marathon, but I think it will be fun if I can just leave my ego aside and just enjoy it for what it is - a killer half marathon.  The event also includes a 50K and a 50 mile, so I won't be last overall, therefore it won't have the humiliation factor.

I think I won't ever be in the shape to decide two weeks out to do a half marathon again.  I don't want to train like this again.  I could be wrong, because I have been before.  Next year I hope to do an olympic distance triathlon.  I think that is a good goal for the year I am 60.

And I know you all think I am nuts, but there is Alzheimer's in my family and exercise has been proven to slow the onset.  There is also heart disease and cancer and I don't need to tell you about that.

God was good enough to get me sober, I can show my gratitude by taking care of the life he has saved. I really believe that.


shadowlands said...

i don't think you ar emad Mary C, but then again a lot of people think I am completely nuts, so it's not exactly a vochsafe for your own mental state hahahaha! I do agree with you about saturday mornings, they're being full of hope.

My Grandson arrives shortly, so I better pick up the whole lounge and put it in a bag, in a cupboard out of his way. ;)

shadowlands said...

I went to preview my comment and posted it instead. Should read: 'are mad' and 'vouchsafe' and capital 'S' for saturday.

Sorry for typos!

Mary Christine said...

I love, love, love your comments Ros! Have fun with your baby boy!

Syd said...

I like your goals. Exercise is something of great importance, especially dice my wife's heart attack. Enjoy your Saturday. It is beautiful here. Very Indian summer like.

Pammie said...

Let's not do the Alzheimer thing K?