Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Hallows

I am off to church this morning because indeed this is the day of which Halloween is the Eve. Then to Election Judge training all morning. WHY did I volunteer to be an election judge? This is the last thing I want to do right now.

Some of you asked about how my candy plan worked. I bought only candy I didn't like in an attempt to avoid eating candy all day as I usually do on Halloween. I am pleased to report that it worked! I ate one piece of candy all day. Mid-afternoon, I decided to have one tootsie roll pop. One. 60 calories. 10 grams of sugar. Yay!

My family is in big turmoil right now. Meth daughter is withdrawing and not being a very nice person. Her twin sister took the girls from her last night. We were at Target last night as it was closing, buying the girls enough clothes to last a day or two. What a sight we must have been - Wonder Woman, a Purple Fairy, a tired Grandmother, and a very sweet Aunt. I must remember that God loves each of us and is actively caring for each of us. I can only do what I can do - and it helps no one to become a nut case trying to control outcomes and other people's behavior. Please say a prayer if you can.

"We want to leave you with the feeling that no situation is too difficult and no unhappiness too great to be overcome." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 104


dAAve said...

Prayer done.
It will be interesting to watch God's plan in action.

Christine said...

Can pray and will for you, daughters, both of them---how awesome one stepped up for the others children!! And son overseas.

I heard recently how someone suggested to a grandmother she get in shape in case she had to run after 2 little ones her daughter couldn't parent while active in her disease---

Sober Chick said...

MC I will pray to my HP to watch over you and your family. There is something still working here, and these little babies are blessed with gardians around them.

Big tight hugs.

Anonymous said... was during my seventeen year olds bought with drugs and alcohol that I truly found the gift of letting go of wanting "desperately" to control the outcomes in his daze.I just couldn't do it anymore.I was drained and unhappy.I needed to live for me.Then I could see how to be there for him when the time was right.It has worked far better this far.

I am sending you so much hope and courage MC.You will get through this.

Love the Target story..cute!

I don't believe you only ate one candy.LOL
Thanks for sharing~

AAwoken said...

I ate like 10 reese's

Shannon said...

yes prayes your way! and a BIG HUG! I really admire you alot. I am sorry to hear about your daughter withdrawing.. but because she is withdrawing is she getting sober? I will pray

I also want to say happy almost birthday! when is it to be exact we shall have a blog party for you :)

kel said...

No problem on the extra prayers. But you'll hve to share your secret for not eating all the candy.... I am eating a bowl of butterfingers that someone left on my desk and I hate them!!!

I read alot of interesting information about a new combo of drugs that are being used to help meth and cocaine addicts. It is controversial and does not have FDA approval for that purpuse but it is an amazing story...

Diego said...

10 grams?...0 grams is better and is all protein...I learned this from my brother "east coast"...While everyone was reaching for the candy and the cake he reached for the breast, chicken breast that is...


I love you MC.

BigSkymAAck said...

I am praying

lash505 said...

You are in my prayers. take care of yourself.