Friday, October 02, 2009

Internet Issues

For some reason, I do not have internet access at home. The last time this happened (maybe 6 weeks ago), the good people at Qwest sent a nice man to the house to plug in a new modem, and later sent me a bill for nearly $200. I paid that bill last month... so I am not looking forward to having another "service call" on my bill for this month. I will call them later to see what occurs.

I am glad that yesterday I realized that I should just ride with my boss and others down to the meeting. The meeting was horrible. The only redeeming grace of the day was the extremely pleasant ride there and back. We stopped at Starbucks on the way back and goofed around a tiny little bit. It is nice to see my boss outside of the hospital. It is nice to see him as a regular person and less of a psychiatrist... but I don't think psychiatrists EVER fully stop being psychiatrists. I had an odd dream last night with him in it, and I would love to tell him about it, but I wouldn't dare, I have made the mistake of sharing dreams with him before and am always shocked at his professional perspective on them.

So, in the dream I was driving, he was in the passenger seat. I was trying to get up a really rough road with rocks in it. He said that he always goes around the long way rather than risking tearing up his car, so I backed up. And my car backed off a cliff - as we were free-falling, I turned to him and said "oh, K., I am so sorry... so sorry..." and I started saying the prayer that I was taught as a child to say at the moment of death. And, as you can imagine, I woke up and stayed awake for several hours. And didn't even have the internet to distract me!

Since my computer at work crashed a couple of weeks ago and had to be reimaged, I have no photos on it. Usually, I can dig up a photo or two from my hard drive. But at this moment, on this computer, there is virtually nothing on this hard drive.

Maybe that is an enviable state?


Syd said...

I think that was a nightmare dream. I have never been good at figuring out dreams or what they mean.
Glad that you had an enjoyable ride though. It makes meetings that are bad seem almost worthwhile.

dAAve said...

I figured you would enjoy that drive/ride. Here's to a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

Scott W said...

Ah, nothing wasted in God's economy.

Carol said...

I love that you were behind the wheel.

Ed G. said...

Sorry for your internet hassles. I work in the business and am driven to distraction when there are outages like that.

I hope you're quickly over your dream. Sounds like your guy has had some Jungian training - I'd like to talk to him sometime (I'm a big fan of CJ).

Blessings and aloha...