Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Morning

2 weeks ago, I was sitting poolside and taking pictures of the palm trees from my lounge chair.  I could barely walk because I had such bad blisters on my feet from the race.  Now my blisters are healed up, I am back home, and it is winter.  

On Friday, I went to visit the owner of my favorite running store to see if she had any ideas why my feet blistered, she (and two other world class runners who work at the store) thought it was the heat off the pavement.  I try not to run when it is much hotter than 50º, so I don't have much experience with running 13.1 miles in 80º weather.  

Today I need to get to work by 7:30, and it is already after 6:00. I am slow to get ready in the morning and I really dislike rushing.  I think I will end up rushing this morning anyway.   I guess the sooner I start the less pressure there will be.

Have a sober day, OK?


Scott W said...

I would have guessed it was sweaty feet in socks and the friction that would cause. Blisters are not fun but I hope your Monday is.

steveroni said...

I L.O.V.E. autobiographies, and that's what your blog becomes sometimes, doled one-day-at-a-time, sprinkled and spiced heavily with our-and-your A.A. program, containing heavy doses of sweetness called God.

And flavored with Mary Christine's liberal (bad word!) use of truthfulness--AND--may I say it? ...HUMOR!

Thank you, from
"A grateful friend"

Pam said...

I try not to even go outside in 50 degree weather!
80 degrees is cool and refreashing ;)
Girl, you gotta get over your pool side trip or either go back every couple of months.

dAAve said...

Dr Scott is right!
Blisters are caused by friction.

J-Online said...

Happy Monday.

Cat said...

Ouch - your feet sound painful, I hope you heal up soon!

Syd said...

I have hard calluses on the bottom of my feet from running. I have to get them scraped off occasionally. They are a nuisance. My feet are getting worse every year.

wendy said...

It is possible that the heat off the pavement and your feet swelling in your socks/sneakers from the excess heat which caused the blisters. Hope you have a good day.

GratefulOne said...

Hope you had a great race!