Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Morning

I bought some tiny post it notes yesterday so my evening person could communicate with my morning person.  It turns out that not only do they not communicate very well, but they don't agree with each other!  My great ideas last night?  I don't want to write about any of them this morning.  So, I am left staring at the keyboard again.

I am heading out to meet a sponsee at the 6:30 a.m. meeting.  It will be good to be there.  

I have got another cold.  My chest hurts, my throat hurts, my sinuses hurt.  There is so much stress at work right now, I think it is beginning to wear me down.  

I feel like I need a week off of work just to sit at home and do nothing.  Go to lots of meetings.  Stay up late and get up early and take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  Go out for lunch with people not from my workplace!  Go shopping for new clothes!  Get my car serviced.  Figure out how to buy it when its lease is up next month.  Look for rugs for the floor that should be installed within the next month.  Get new drapes for my upstairs bedrooms.   Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I can't really afford a week off work at home.  Sounds like it would be more expensive than going to Hawaii!



dAAve said...

... and I mean that!

Pam said...

Yes, my night person notes are usually full of shit.
Can I have your old clothes?
If I don't see the sun come up...then my whole day is ruined-from one morning girl to another.

Scott W said...

I hope your heart sings today.

J-Online said...

Feel better. I was loving you're staying home for a week idea but boy, it did get expensive fast! LOL.

Syd said...

I was given some post-it notes that said things like, the only thing you have to do today is breathe. Sounds like you need one of those note pads and a day like that. Hang in there, MC.

Cat said...

This gave me a giggle, since well I have inner struggels daily!

I hope you get well soon - or at least dont get any worse off!


Banana Girl said...

MC: I just ran across a piece which dispelled a myth which a long time member of our group has been saying again and again with conviction and sincerity. If you need a topic, You above all people probably have a number of myths of AA that are just plain wrong. So many of them I had to learn the hard way. This may be the perfect forum to dispel them. Just a thought, cuz I love when you share your knowledge of the program. they are my favorite reads. Thanks for considering. J.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post! I have tried to leave notes from PM to AM person at my bathroom mirror, usually AM person just pulls them down and has no idea wtf PM person was trying to communicate and at that point in the AM could care less LOL!

I would take the week off and just plan some fun for you...


steveroni said...

OK, Banana didn't tell us the MYTH! NO FAIR!

steveroni said...

Mary, I need some post-its, preferably small ones. Do you take credit cards?

I TRY to write my blog at night, then POST it right away, before I can change my mind...often in the morning I say to myself, "OMG! Did I write THAT crap?" But I'm usually in too big a hurry to delete and start over.