Friday, February 20, 2009

Packing Boxes

Last night I started packing up boxes, so that I can have my living room, dining room, hallway, and kitchen (and stairs) ready for new floor installation next week.  For someone who used to move every six months to 2 years - without fail, I know how to pack boxes and move.  But when I started folding the boxes, taping them up, and then taking my beloved objects, the things that are the backdrop for my life, and putting them into boxes, and sealing them up with that final rrrrrrriiiiiiiippppp sound of the tape.... well, it freaked me out.

I told my daughter "I don't want to move!"  She had to tell me, "you're not moving Mom."  

I have lived here since September 2001.  I had very mixed feelings about this house for a number of years.  It really cost too much when I moved in.  My mortgage payment killed me for a couple of years.  (But I paid it anyway, and cut corners elsewhere - so, No Bailout For Me!)  It has only been in the last 4 or 5 years that I have been financially able to do the things I have wanted to do with the house.  I have wanted to put in wood floors since I moved in, and now I am going to be able to.  I am thrilled with this.

But the practical aspect of packing up my stuff?  It is freaking me out.  It feels like setback for some reason.  And in nearly 7 and a half years, I have got some "stuff."  And it needs to go.

A literal housecleaning I guess.   And that is probably good.


Scott W said...

Clearing out of stuff on a regular basis is good for the spirit I think. I get overwhelmed with stuff. I like an uncluttered environment, but with all the art I have now and my tiny space it gets hard to handle.

dAAve said...

How many steps lead to the front porch at your door?
Maybe .... 10?

steveroni said...

Mary, we have been wanting to put down wood floors for ten years. Only thing holding us back is the HUGE amount of preparatory work

Hopefully your story will inspire us to perspire.

Syd said...

It looks like that box is going to storage. So some of the stuff will come back. That's okay. It will look great when done.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! Also, I am on my second truckload of "stuff" going to the goodwill, what a great feeling. Eighteen years of accumilation here, very cathartic! Good luck!

Scott said...

my wife and I are going through a "weeding out" process as well, in advance of our annual garage sale... hopefulyl this year we rid ourselves of a great amount of needless clutter... at least that's the plan. It's refreshing!