Thursday, February 05, 2009

You've got to give it away...

To keep it.  

Pass it on.

Bread cast upon water returns tenfold.

Do something for someone else and don't get caught.

I reflected on these early lessons of sobriety this morning as I packed up a box to send to my sponsor.  Today is her 36th AA birthday.  36 years sober.  She is the most amazing woman.  She got sober when she was 32, just like me.  She was a horrible, horrible drunk, just like me.  When she got to AA, she was willing to do whatever they told her to do, just like me.  She is eternally grateful for this gift of life of sobriety, just like me.  And, just like me, she is not "sweet" or "cute" or "lovey-dovey."  She tells it like it is, people could describe her as "gritty."  Many people don't like her for that (just like me), but I love her for it, and so do many others.  

I wish I had packed up this box last week so that she would actually have it today, but I didn't.  So, today as I wrapped the shawl I knitted her, and the tomato preserves I canned (her favorite), and a jar of corn relish I made in the heat of the summer, it made me so happy.   I will go to the post office on my way to work and mail it.

It is going to be 66º today!  I hope I can get outdoors and breathe some fresh, warm air.  


Pam said...

Lot's of folks don't care much for my sponsor either. She wants people to read the book, stay in your seat at a meeting and "get over yourself".
I'm so happy that you will have some nice weather today! GO PLAY!

Scott W said...

Sounds like you are enjoying where you are today.

dAAve said...

Happy birthday, MC's sponsor.

steveroni said...

Lots of people do not like MY sponsor, either! Odd, isn't it? That he is that person I pick to guide me, help me, "push" me, He has what I want. So many oldies ("Inventories R-US" group") laugh at his insistence on observing the Traditions, his use of the "suggested" Twelve Steps as RULES. (He's only sober 30 years, four fewer than ME -grin), and I 'love' him! When he talks, the room of 90 people (even the I-R-US) LISTEN!

55 High in Naples today...66 High in "Somewhere in the Colorado Mountains"??? Lots of stuff in our yard froze/died last night, Low was 33 in our yard this morning.

Cat said...

36 years sober!! That is wonderful - and the gift box sounds like something she could really apprecaite.

Get out today and have some fun, you deserve it!

Syd said...

It seems that I'm on the wavelength of being gritty today. I am just sick and tired of those who make excuses and don't want to do the work of this wonderful program.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to your sponsor. What a feat--32 years. And how lucky you are to have her and she to have you.

Hope said...

My sponsor doesn't win any popularity contests either. I took a long time picking a sponsor. I wanted someone compassionate with an edge. She has both.I've been hit between the eyes with the truth from her more times than I can count. I love her for that. She won't soften it for me no way,no shape, no how. Exactly what I need.

J-Online said...

I like your "tell it like it is attitude!" Enjoy the awesome weather!