Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Running late

I am supposed to be meeting a sponsee at 6:30 at a meeting.  I just woke up.  I am still in my jammies.  I better kick it into gear and go meet her.  She has a tendency to be late to meetings - which I have talked to her about.  And today?  guess who is going to be late to the meeting...that would be me.

I guess today is the day I find out that all the money I lost last year is restored and there will no longer be worries about losing my job!  Yippeee!  Oh, that money is not coming to me?  Or anyone I know?  dang!

Yesterday I took a certificate for one of my credentials out of its frame to put the little sticker that says I am credentialed for 2 more years.  As I took it out, I saw the one behind it.  I used the frame for it for the newer credential when I got it 7 years ago.  But I took out the old one and looked at it.  I started crying!  I worked so hard for that credential.  It required a specific bachelor's degree and specific training.  It required a day long test which was very difficult (and on which I got the highest score in the state  - shhhh!)  It was my life's dream even when I thought it was impossible for me to go back to school.  

So I got on the internet and found a nice new frame for it.  And I ordered a matching frame for the other credential.  So, soon they shall sit side by side on my office wall.  It is just silly for me to hide the one that was such a major life event!  It is pretty too.  

I don't do a very good job of thanking God for what I have if I am hiding it!

Thank you God for the incredible blessings.


dAAve said...

You shall have a day filled with gratitude.

Scott W said...

Get that gratitude out in the sunshine so it can sparkle like it wants to.

steveroni said...

I ALSO don't do a very good job of thanking God for what I have if I am hiding it!

And that's my whole program these days. Share it all--humbly--with all.

Syd said...

I like that you put your certificate out. It's an acknowledgment of what you have done.

I've shipped your Pay It Forward box of goodies. It should be arriving in about 3 days. Hope that you enjoy it. It turned out to be more of an accumulation of things from around the area.

Trailboss said...

Good for you! I know what you mean about working so hard for a piece of paper. My insurance schools and lines I was licenced in wasn't near as hard as what you did but it was a challenge, that's for sure.

Scott said...

gratitude is amazing, isn't it?