Thursday, February 19, 2009

Run, Mary, Run

I have been running lately.  It is good.  I just got in from a sunrise run.  I am going to be in a five mile race on Saturday.  I am excited to run such a short race.  It has been years since I have run a race less than 13.1 miles... well, other than triathlons.

So, here is where I wanted to run this morning:
And here is where I ran instead:

I would much prefer trail running.  But two women with huge dogs decided that would be a good place for their horse-like dogs to frolic, unrestrained by human devices of control such as leashes.   So I ran up the new subdivision sidewalk, past the netted hay, holding down the grass seed.  And as I ran back down, the women had left the trail where I wanted to run and were heading up the sidewalk.  Their dogs growled at me.  I growled back, with my pepper spray in my hand.

Dogs and rapists.  Once you have been attacked by either, your life changes.  Things that seem innocuous to others suddenly seem ominous to you.  It is a lifetime's work to live as normally as you can.  

Cell phones and pepper spray.  These are the things that enable me to leave the house and run in remote areas, all by myself.  Probably these things are just props and would be of little use if something actually happened, but they make me feel better.

And a loving God who takes care of me in spite of me.

Most alcoholics have had very interesting lives.  The fact that we are alive to talk about them is an incredible testimony to the power of God.  


Pam said...

I've never even walked 5 miles Mary. I agree with you about the dogs. I would never take Theo out without a leash NEVER. When people come towards us, I say SIT. he does, and we wait for them to pass. Not because Theo would do anything but say "howdy" to them but I am very aware that he is large and causes fear in some people, so I make sure he sits still while people pass us.
I'm glad you are getting to run again!!!

Syd said...

I'm kind of a dog whisperer and have never had trouble with them while running. Glad that you do have all these stories to tell due to the grace of your HP.

Patty said...

I just can't understand people who let thier dogs run loose on public property, growly ones at that. Glad you did not have to use the pepper spray! Have a great day.

Scott W said...

I love how the sun hits the orange hills.

Here it illegal to have a dog in public unleashed. Also to pick up the poop.

dAAve said...

I have been attacked by dogs and it ain't no fun. It has affected me for life. I understand.
Enjoy the short run.

steveroni said...

At age 40 I was attacked by a (big German) dog. He bit me in the neck. I've never gotten over it.

We have a leash law also, but I have yet to see a dog in court here.

Anonymous said...

Well hey - I've been "attacked"(that is not quite the right mental phrase for me)by both, before the age of eleven. Aren't I special? I've got the scars to prove it. So I'm an alcoholic and a victim of multiple unforeseen forces. Howdy doody.

There was no pepper spray and no parents "in residence". I raised myself by the skin of my frickin nose. Yes- I am a little pissed right now but it is better than the alternative. I have always had grace working in mysterious ways.