Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning

My carpet is getting torn out today.  My kids wonderfully helped me move stuff.  It is amazing how light things get when moved by more than 2 hands.  And absolutely weightless (to me) when moved by my son and daughter!  My desk is now in my bedroom.  Although it is somewhat cramped, it is an improvement over a table that ended up being WAY too easy to throw things on.  And dust liked it there too.  

I have spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about the Four Absolutes.  They were part of the earliest AA program, before the big book and steps.  They were still around enough for me to hear about (from an old guy) when I was sober a year or two.  It sounded at the time like it was far too difficult to strive for
 - absolute honesty
 - absolute purity
 - absolute unselfishness
 - absolute love.
At this point I love the concept of "absolutes."  Not relatives.  Not kind of.  Not "it's all good!"  But real and firm absolutes.  

I am no AA historian, and I have never mistaken AA for an academic exercise, but I have learned about AA and I do like to think.  And I think if I measured my days by these absolutes, my behavior might start to live up to them.  (A simple google search will net you tons of information about "the Four Absolutes" if you are interested.)

I better get behavin' into this day.  It is going to be a long one.  


Scott W said...

Hmmm. I would need to read about the four absolutes.

Pam said...

It's sad that we don't discuss the 4 absolutes anymore. It's so much easier when someone gives us a list to follow. Like the steps, it seem like an impossible mission but we have to start somewhere with some kind of direction.
Thanks Mary strawberry.

steveroni said...


I used to cringe, when the meeting topic was "The Absolutes".

They sounded too much like a saint.
A saint which I surely ain't.

Then I was reminded, "This is a program of progress,not perfection!"

dAAve said...


Kathy Lynne said...

There are so many gray areas...and there should be but when it comes to getting and staying sober..I'll take absolutes any day.

Trailboss said...

I'm glad you will finally get your wood floors down. You wanted enough years for them! Can't wait to see pictures.

Scott said...

at the Men's retreat I help run, we used to do our Sat evening candlelight meeting on the 4 absolutes... maybe something we need to get back to next year, thanks for the reminder!

Syd said...

I posted on the four absolutes a while ago. I heard about them from an AA speaker. I'm glad that you brought them up.

Good luck with the carpet. I'm sure that the floors will be beautiful. I've got wide pine throughout the house, even the kitchen and bathrooms. Wonderful stuff.