Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thanks Syd.

What a wonderful thing to get in the mail yesterday!  A collection of coastal things that Syd lovingly put together and mailed to me.  My daughter was dumbstruck when she saw it.  She said "Who's this guy?"  I told her that Syd is a blogger.  

Later as we were watching a movie together, her phone kept beeping with text messages.  (She has a setting for her phone called 'work' that she uses when she is with me because I find all the different songs blasting incessantly to be very distracting.)  I said something like "I think the only person who has called me in the last 24 hours is YOU."  She said "You are an internet person."  Well, that is true.  

The race was awesome yesterday.  It was a cold winter morning, snow had fallen through the night, so all the landscape was covered in white.   The sun was high in the winter sky, illuminating the snow.  It was glorious.  I so didn't want to finish last that I ran the fastest pace I have run in probably 5 years.  I even had negative splits.  It was a good experience.  

And now I am off to church.  I will come home and cook up a big lunch for the family.  Then I will get them to help me move furniture out of my living area and cram it into bedrooms.  My life is about to be disrupted by home improvements.  I have sworn I will not complain about it, but I bet I will.  But I must remember this is a higher class of problems than I had when I was drinking and waking up worrying about what I did last night.  


Syd said...

I'm glad that you liked the things. The starfish is the only "craft" thing. But the recipe book is something that I thought you might like because you cook great meals.
Glad that your race went well. It sounds like it was an inspired run.
Have a great Sunday.

dAAve said...

What a very thoughtful act from Syd. (Good on ya, boy).

The thing to remember about the mess with your home improvements is that This Too Shall Pass. Some day, it will be finished.

Scott said...

lol, glad the race went well... I love your humble honesty about the potential for complaining about home improvements and the vow not to...

:-) thanks for the smile!

steveroni said...

To several AA members this morning I said, "When I see you walk into the room and soberly smile, I feel good...a sort of special happiness happens".

I feel the same way when bloggers drop by.

Mary, I SO admire you, running races during your period of 'late youth'. Isn't it wonderful to engage in activities we enjoy!

wendy said...

ahh, I put my phone on silent around my parental units, otherwise it causes too many questions which I don't want to answer.

hope you have a great sunday.

Pam said...

oh it is so nice to read your post this morning and just feel the familiar. Be good to your feet today sweet potato.

Trailboss said...

Good times with family.

Scott W said...

Late youth? Well. We are as young as we feel.