Thursday, October 06, 2011

Blue Sky

Yesterday afternoon I decided to leave my office for a minute and take a tiny walk.  When I got outside, it was breathtakingly beautiful - a fall day.  Air so crisp with sunshine that it could make even this pasty office dweller feel 100% alive.  The photo is from my tiny walk.  I am so fortunate to work on a campus that is very pretty (in a run-down sort of way).

The eulogies are rolling in for Steve Jobs.  I have tremendous respect for him.  I have a couple of his innovations sitting right here - one on which I am typing at this moment!  I can't help but wonder what other innovations were still inside him, and now we will never know.  I love that he left college after one semester, and I love that he went back to take a class on calligraphy - to bring that esthetic to the computer!  Back then, computers only used block letters.  They were only utilitarian.  He brought art to function.  I said the other day, I am one of those people - who await the latest product from Apple.  I will pray for him, his family, and all of the people who will miss him.

Two more work days until vacation.  And suddenly I am getting things done that have been on my "to do" list for months.  It is ridiculous that I can't seem to do anything while there is still plenty of time.  I have a need to wait for the last minute.  On Tuesday, I was asked to write something for someone only one box removed from the Governor on the state org chart, I wrote it on Tuesday, proofread it on Wednesday morning... but still haven't sent it.  It isn't due until close of business today.  Would it kill me to send it before then?  Maybe.

I have a marathon in 10 days.   I have been hobbling around all week - I am still hurting from the miles I put in over the weekend.  I am beginning to be concerned about my ability to recover from training in time for the race.  But I am excited!

OK, I have nothing of any import to say today.  The fella I have been seeing is very cute when he calls and asks what I am doing...  I might say "watching TV and knitting - isn't that exciting?"  or other really exciting things like that.   He always says, "we've had enough excitement for a lifetime, we can enjoy the quiet and peace now."  It is a good reminder.

I don't always have something to say, but I am still here.  It is good.

Thanks be to God.


Syd said...

I imagine the fall is beautiful there. We won't get much color here until November.
I do things that are exciting to me, but probably are pretty mundane to others. I don't race my boat, just sail and cruise--mundane to racers. One man's flotsam is another's jetsam.

Daisyanon said...

It's just good knowing that you are still here, still sober, still doing ordinary extraordinary things.

Steve E said...

Nothing to say??? But you sure say it well!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

As the rains fall and the wind blows I appreciate my sobriety thruout the days of every season. Approaching the holidays always bring a nostalgic tend to my thoughts as I review past years and the personalities of those with whom i share.

Lou said...

I'm jealous!! I want to run (hobble) a marathon in a beautiful locale.

You're a lucky woman, and you know it;)

Anonymous said...

I am 2 days sober. But, I am not new to AA and I just keep trying to get my program off the ground. I have a sponsor now, and I am just trying to focus on recovery. In my past attempts at sobriety / recovery , I have become very remorseful and regretful about my past actions, and the ways my drinking became so destructive - not just to me, but to everyone around me. This time, I am trying to let go of the guilt and shame, because I think that doing so will help me to stay sober. I've been reading people's stories and reading the BB for hours. Thanks for all of your posts.

Anath said...

I also have the need to leave things to the last minute.. what is all that about? Lovely post, thanks!

Pammie said...

The "last minute" is a real happening place where I live too.
While on vacation please talk the "good one" into releasing rats in Dads car for Halloween...or something similar.