Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning

We are leaving tomorrow for the east coast.  Today I am frantically trying to get ready.  Trying to pack all I can into a small suitcase and one back pack.  Packing for every weather possibility for marathon morning.  Packing for two days in the city and four days in the well, whatever it is in Maine.  Not very city, I would think. My running shoes and foam roller take about 3/4 of my suit case... oh, but I am a very crafty girl and will squeeze it all in.

On Saturday I realized I had a dilemma I had failed to plan for.  Our weather has turned cold, and I need to have my sprinkler system blown out and shut down for the season.  The man (in AA) who normally does this shows up when he feels like it and not a moment sooner.  I sent him a text on Saturday, and he never answered.  I looked back through my texts and saw that I asked him to turn on the sprinkler system on May 5, and on May 24, he sent me a text saying "u ready?"  To which I replied, "for what?"  And then I told him I turned it on myself and I was sorry for cheating on him - with myself.  He said "that's ok, at least it was someone you love."

But at this point, I don't have 19 days.  I asked one of my friends if he knew someone and he said he would be happy to come over this morning and do it himself.  He is a big fancy contractor, so this is an uber favor.  I expressed my gratitude and he said something that really touched me:  "I always remember the people who were nice to me when I was new."  And he does.  It has always been easy to be nice to him though.  I have loved him from the moment I met him, and I love his wife too.  What a drunk!  And now he is sober for 15 or 16 years.

And he is on his way, so I better sign off.

I have decided to take my computer with me on the trip, so you haven't heard the last from me for a while as you might be imagining....

Have a great sober day.


Syd said...

It amazes me how AA's look after each other when it comes to helping out with tasks. I have not asked anyone to do that for me and would likely not. I don't think Al-Anon's ask for help much. But I am glad to give it when I am asked. Hope that you have a good trip. Maine should be beautiful this time of year.

shadowlands said...

"I have decided to take my computer with me on the trip, so you haven't heard the last from me for a while"

Good. I feel safer somehow, knowing that.

Patty said...

Maine is breathtakingly beautiful this time of year! Enjoy!

Lou said...

Bon Voyage, Missy