Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have just seen the sun for the first time in 5 days!  I don't think I would thrive in a place where sunshine is a rare sight.  I love it far too much.  I just stood outside taking photos, it is such a lovely thing to see the sun, especially as I am surely one of the first people in the US to see this day's dawning.

We got our race packets yesterday.  I am excited and terrified about the race tomorrow.  We drove part of the course, it is very very difficult.  The worst part?  The hill that starts at mile 20 and goes uphill for about 3 miles.  Oh my.  At 20 miles, a step up a curb can feel insurmountable.  I am going into this race trying to wrap my mind around what a DNF would feel like.  I have finished last - more than once, I got somewhat used to that.  But I have never not finished a race.  But tomorrow, I will take a DNF if I have to.  I will program the phone numbers to call a cab, and I tell you, I will use them if I need to.

Our whale cruise was canceled yesterday because of weather.  We took a tour on a lobster boat instead.   My poor daughter spent the entire two hours trying not to vomit.  I enjoyed it, but it was a rough journey.

It has only taken me five days to long to get back to my life.  The sunshine.  My house. My meetings.  Even my office.  I needed to get away from my routine to appreciate these things.

But today, I am sitting in a beautiful hotel room, looking out the window as the sun rises on the sea, and I will enjoy this day to its fullest.  God gave it to me, and I will appreciate it!


Lou said...

Glad you will use a DNF if needed. You have been out of your "routine" which makes a marathon harder for me. Good Luck, MC. Maybe knowing this is the LAST time (right?) will take you to the finishing tape. Don't forget to see the beauty around you as you run!

Syd said...

The front came through at the wrong time. I am a coast person and love all the weather that it brings. But I do love home so I understand totally. I start to long for my place and people when I am gone too long. Good luck with the race. Take care not to hurt yourself though.