Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday Morning

It snowed yesterday - I was out in the 35º snowing morning to get in a few miles with my coach.  I was soaked to the skin and freezing by the time I was done with 5 miles and decided I was done.

My friend with cancer (well, actually I have several of them right now) had a "thank you party" last night for all of the people who have been bringing meals to her house for the last three months.  It was beautiful to see so many people there.  People who are happy to see she is feeling better and no longer needs our meals.  People who are the type of people who will volunteer for a little job like that.   My friend has gained weight and looks good.  I could see she has a bit of hair under her bandana, and that is good.  It was a "mixed" party, there were people with glasses of wine and beer, and then there was "us," we took over the family room, it was nice to be there.

My older granddaughters came and spent the night last night.  It was lovely to feed them dinner and then watch a movie.  They are such dear little people who have suffered so much in their little lives.  Alcoholism of parents is a terrible thing to have to deal with when you are tiny and don't understand.  They will have the rest of their lives to come to grip with what they have been through.  Thank God their mother is now sober - but still does not have custody.

I am going to drop them off after breakfast this morning and then come home and get ready to see my fella for the first time in a couple of weeks - he has been out of town.

I keep reminding myself "I am on vacation," but it has not sunk in yet.  Maybe it won't until I get on the plane on Tuesday morning.

I am happy and I know it - I think I will clap my hands!  I hope you do too!


Pammie said...

Maybe you do not have a copy of the "Vacation" book. It says not to run 5 miles in the freakin' snow. It states very clearly that one should sit on the front porch wrapped in a warm quilt drinking hot coffee and watch the runners go by. You are however, allowed to shout "you can do it!" as they run by.

shadowlands said...

You're crazy Mary C, running in the snow! Roll in it Girl, but don't run it hahahaha!!!!

Patty said...

Hi MAry!
I have been waiting for the snow report to come :(.
Wonderful time with the little people.

Steve E said...

Clapping my hands, Mary!

dAAve said...

When I came there 2 years ago, it was October 3rd and the first snow of the season.
Enjoy your day, dear.

Lou said...

How grateful you must be to have this relationship with your granddaughters. And for the positive influence you can be in their lives.

Syd said...

I am glad that you are on vacation and a much needed one! Bet the run in the snow was beautiful in spite of the cold. Have a good time. Be safe.