Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Things are happenin' now

I am actually very excited about the Apple announcement that will be made today.  I hope to be getting a new phone soon - from the Verizon store.  I will gladly pay AT&T to get out of my contract with them.  I would love to have one telephone conversation that doesn't include "hello? hello?  are you still there?  oh damn!!!"  And yes, I have become one of those people - who await the latest word from the folks at Apple.  I love their products and I really love that when you need help with one of their products, there is a store down the street full of intelligent young people in T-shirts who speak English who can and will help you.

My daughter and I booked our Whale Cruise yesterday!  How exciting is that?!

Yesterday afternoon at work, I sat in a committee meeting with a bunch of folks trying to hammer out a new policy to address "social media."  It was clear that some people "get it" and some people have no clue.   It is hard to believe that we have to write a policy to tell people not to post patient information on the internet.  But apparently people don't understand that Facebook is the internet.   Someone else mentioned "blogger" as if it were Satan.  Oh dear.  It would be hard to believe that no one from work has ever found my blog and thought "is that Mary?"  But I have never been confronted with the evidence of that... thankfully.  I try to be exceedingly careful about what I say about my workplace.  And no, there would never ever be patient information here.  I cannot imagine....

Well, I better step away from the computer and get on the treadmill.  Four miles this morning... I really would rather not.  But I will.

By the grace of God, I went to bed sober last night and woke up sober and well this morning.  I am fairly confident I will get through today sober, and I pray you will too!


Syd said...

I too am looking forward to what Apple comes out with. I am an Apple Head as well. Love their products and think that Steve Jobs is a good fellow. Wishing him well. Have a good day, MC.

dAAve said...

Yeah, it's amazing what people put on the internet.

A friend of mine at Lambda says he never shares anything in a meeting that he would get upset about seeing on the internet. hrmphhh

PS -- Pammie -- I am not able to post comments on your blog, currently. Don't know why, but I'm testing things out.

Ursula said...
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Pammie said...

When I see the word apple in your blog, I assume you are making one of your famous pies! Little apple dumplin'