Friday, October 07, 2011

Five Minutes

That witch is hanging on my office door.  I think she is adorable, and I seem to cackle as I pass by.  And I pass by a lot.

I have five minutes to write this.  I need to get ready for work and get out of here by 6 a.m. so that I can go to the meeting and then go to work.  A woman who is sober just over a year is speaking this morning and I want to hear her tell her story.

She sent me a text on Tuesday that said:
"The recruiter from (large prestigious firm) left me a vm.  I was sure she was going to tell me they made a mistake, I'm not hired.  Instead she wanted to confirm my paperwork was done and I start on Monday.  One year ago today I was shackled and taken to (end of the road hospital for alcoholism).  Work the program.  Amazing things can happen.  Thank you for your friendship."

I am in such a habit of praying for her, she is still in my prayers every day.  Right after my family.  And along side other people who just can't seem to stay sober.  She spent years coming to meetings and drinking.  She came to meetings drunk.  I didn't understand then, I still don't.  But she is sober today and she barely resembles the woman she was a year ago.

"The age of miracles is still with us.  Our own recovery proves that!"  -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 153


Mary LA said...

Very appealing witch!

It is lovely to see others get sober, makes my day.

Syd said...

So glad for her. Amazing things do happen to all who find a spiritual solution.

Simply Me said...

That is great news, thank you for sharing!

Jennifer T. said...

I've just started reading and I'm staying. Thank you for the hope in these posts. A picture of how life can be sober. I have 33 days today and I'm feeling acute untreated alcoholism. Hope and Grace are my fuel today.
-Jennifer T.