Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Golden Morning

I love the way I walk around my house in the morning light, my windows are golden from the outrageous flaming trees outside.  The leaves will likely be gone by tomorrow morning.  It's 59º now, which is also the predicted high temperature for today.  It will get cooler as the day goes on.  The rain is supposed to start this afternoon and turn to snow by evening.   And some say we should get 6 to 13 inches of snow!  Woooo Hoooooo!

I love the changing seasons, all of them.

Has anyone ever gone to facebook and been so inspired by all the lovely messages there that their day is changed?  I have so many friends who post little inspirational things all day long, some with pictures of a blonde, blue-eyed Jesus.  And this nice Jesus is saying all kinds of sweet things that could never be reconciled with what we know he actually said.  

When I was fairly new in sobriety, "affirmations" were all the rage.  I think Stuart Smalley did them the very best.  The looking in the mirror and saying "I love you."  Etc.

I couldn't bear it then, I can't bear it now.  If I want to have self-esteem, I need to be esteemable.  I can do that with action, not make-believe.

There are several women who are my "friends" on facebook who are not sober, they are struggling and resisting anything that makes sense, like going to meetings, getting a sponsor, working the steps.  But they sure do all the sweet little inspirational messages all day long.  I want to comment "How's that working out for you?"  But I don't.  Every now and then I have restraint of keyboard.  Every now and then.

I am now going to be late for work because I have been screwing around with this post.

I think it would be safe to say that although I am enjoying the golden windows, I am a bit cranky today.  I will ask God to help me with that.  I know he will.

And I will give it my best shot to stay sober today and I hope you will too.


Syd said...

I totally get the whole idea of restraint. I have to do that a lot. Take care and enjoy the golden day.

dAAve said...

For this obsessive alkie, Facebook is a great lesson in restraint of pen and keyboard.

Jeremy said...

Facebook can be dangerous, I tend to refrain A LOT!

I do daily affirmations, what I like about that is that it's a reminder that I need to walk my talk, which is something I only learned how to do in the rooms of AA

Lou said...


affirmations...don't tape them up all over the place at work (like someone at my employ does)

restraint...I beginning to think I actually need to speak up more often. Maybe. I'm still thinking it over.

Carverlane said...

Hey Mary, if you get snow and it's on the Weather Channel tomorrow, I'll be waving to you! Make sure you wave back! :)

Kim in San Antonio (yes, we still have the AC on here)

Pammie said...

I got sober when the inner child was all the rage. My inner child did dope and wanted more, I needed to become an adult.