Friday, October 14, 2011

On the Sea

That's the view from my seat as I write this.  For all the times I have booked rooms on the internet and gotten there and been sorely disappointed, this is the exception.  The room is 10X better than it looked online.  And to have that little balcony - big enough for four chairs and two tables - and the ocean!  Right there!  I hate to be picky, but I would be delighted if it would stop with the buckets of torrential rain though.  The downtown merchants have "Welcome Mount Desert Island Marathoners!"  on the front doors - and it sounds corny, but it really does make me feel welcome.


When we went to pick up our car yesterday we had another lovely surprise.  We had reserved an "economy" car.  But got upgraded to very cool Volvo C30.  It is FUN!

So, being in this place, I really truly feel like I am on vacation.  My body and mind seem to slow down a bit - in a nice way.  To hear and see the ocean during my morning prayer and meditation was heavenly.

I am so grateful to have gone to bed sober last night and I woke up looking forward to another day.  By the Grace of God.


AnyEdge said...

I drive a Volvo C30! They are totally fun. Did you get the R-Design with the big 5 cylinder engine? Cause that one rocks!!

Simply Me said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

shadowlands said...

Good to hear you are relaxing! I love mad bad weather, so never worry about holiday sun type stuff, although I like sunshine as well.

Syd said...

I am so glad that all is going well, except for the torrential rain. Sorry to have sent it from the South land. I know so well what you are saying about the sea and its peacefulness.

Lou said...

Hope it's not a soggy marathon!

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear about your wonderful vacation. Saying a prayer for mile 20 :)