Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heading North

We had a lovely day yesterday... all day long on the freedom Trail.  This nation has a very inspirational history, I think we forget about that.  It was a lovely day to spend with my daughter.

Today we are heading north to Maine.  There is torrential rain out there, this should be interesting.  I think we are going to take a cab instead of public transportation to get our rental car.  I wasn't really fond of heading underground for a train yesterday, but we did it to see how it works.  But I don't want to walk around in this rain today.  A cab will be worth the (exorbitant) cost.

My internet connection is very s-l-o-w, my daughter is waiting, I don't have my make-up on yet... I best be on my way.

By the grace of God, I believe I will stay sober today, and I hope you all do too.


Mary LA said...

What a beautiful melancholy graveyard under those trees.

Syd said...

I think the rain that poured here most of the weekend and over the last few days may be heading your way. Those old graveyards are beautiful.

dAAve said...

In every life a little rain must fall, but that's why we have taxicabs.
Enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy said...

Glad you're having a good time!

Anonymous said...

Mary C -- I've commented on your blog a few times before. I wanted to wish you luck on your upcoming marathon!

KarenArtist said...

I'm glad I found you again! We're practically neighbors, I live in Lakewood. I followed your blog in 2006, still sober almost nine years. I'm divorced now from the guy that I was engaged to and eventually married. If you remember I worked at Macy's Cherry Creek at the time and you came to see me. I'm not only 9 years sober but also doing both fellowships al-anon as well as AA. Have fun back East! I'm blogging again but have not kept up with it being busy with work and school.