Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Boston

This is the stone outside of our hotel.  It seems our hotel used to be the YWCA.  It's got many cute features, including closet sized rooms.   The location is worth the price though.  Very nice.

My daughter just called and she is showered and ready to go.   I am laying in bed with my computer and a cup of coffee.  What a role reversal!  Of a lifetime!  I am always up hours ahead of everyone else.  However, this morning, my daughter is waiting for me so we can hit the Freedom Trail.  So, I better move it.

It is very nice to be somewhere so out of my ordinary.  I needed a vacation.  And I am having one!  A really nice one!

It is fun to be on the east coast.  I spent so much time here as a young woman.  It is nice to have my daughter with me.

We're hitting the Freedom Trail.  Any alcoholic who is sober understands the Freedom Trail in a very intimate way.  Trudging the road that takes us to Freedom.

Thank you God.


Syd said...

Boston is wonderful. Enjoy the day. Love that town.

dAAve said...

Trudge the trail.

Anonymous said...

I just moved from Boston this summer, I miss it so much. You will have to run along the Charles, I know how much you like to run!! This is such a nice time to be there!! If you want to try some meetings, if your even around and have time, the 'burbs have some I miss, let me know and I'll tell you some great ones, Saturday and Sunday. ENJOY

Lou said...

closet sized room?? LOL

Boston sounds cool!

Pammie said...

oh that sounds wonderful!