Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to Work

This weather is kicking my ass. I am tired all of the time. It is 7 (seven) degrees this morning and I am NOT going to go out and run. I am also NOT going to the gym on January 2. I would dearly love to go back to bed. I would dearly love to have some time off. I have not even taken a whole weekend off since some time in November. I am WAY tired and there is no end in sight to this onslaught of work.

That said, I did have a wonderful one day off yesterday. I had such a fabulous time on New Year's Eve that it really stuck with me all day yesterday. I got lots of e-mail with pictures of us at dinner.

One of my newer friends gave me a Christmas present on NYEve. It is a framed photo of seven of us taken on Dec. 10 - the day we made cookies. I put the picture up on the bar between the kitchen and dining room and I have looked at it over and over again.

I am so grateful that I am in this picture. That I love the other women in the picture. That we all have true smiles on our faces. That I am seated on the sofa - with the other "older" women. That I am seated next to my friend H., whose birthday is one day after mine - same year and everything! That we are all sober, and I pray that we will all be at this time next year.

Being a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous is such a good deal.


dAAve said...

AA is good at twice the price!

Scott W said...

Yeppers, we hit the jackpot!

Syd said...

I wish that I were still on vacation.Hope that you get to relax soon. You sound content which is a good way to be.

Pam said...

This sunday, I am going to a new womens meeting with 6 women that I got sober the same year as. I can hardly wait to see them all. I hope they got fat too :)

Shannon said...

i get what you mean about being grateful for being in that pic...
to me I think of the wonderful people I get to share my life with, and I remember a time in my life where I didnt have that
sorry the weather sucks and work sucks... it will get better. take care of you mc