Sunday, January 06, 2008

Off to Church

I am off to church this morning. I hate to bow to the man's insanity and talk about him, but this is what irritates me so much about Mickey. He and I supposedly belong to the same church. But according to him I am a rageaholic about to be plunged into the gates of hell and he imagines this and that about me. For those of you who are new to his comments, there are only about three of them, he recycles them. He cuts and pastes wacky articles into comments, that is why they are so long. I love you Mickey, do you love me? I think if you loved me, you would not be telling me I am going to hell - and I COULD quote you the bible verse that tells you NEVER to judge someone else, but what the heck, it's Sunday morning and I want to go to church. A church, by the way, that I can see nothing of in Mickey's rantings.

I had my first day of school yesterday. It was awesome. I walked into the classroom feeling like a student, and left at the end of the day feeling like a teacher. A novice teacher, but still a teacher. This is momentous to me.

Then I went to Night Watch at a friend's house. The place was absolutely packed with people. People I love. People I sit in AA meetings with and join for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People who have helped me put up my Christmas tree, who have baked cookies with me, who have taken bike rides with me. People who are integral parts of my life. Thank God for AA.

Last night there was an event in Houston I dearly wish I could have attended. Scott W.'s showing his art. It sounds like it went wonderfully. Congrats Scott!


dAAve said...

Who needs drugs and/or alcohol to get high when one has a life to live? It sounds like a really, really, really, really, really great experience for you.

Scott W said...

I found my thrill and it wasn't on Blueberry Hill or in Blueberry wine! When you have a Higher Power that loves everyone else's Higher Power--what a joy that is.

Some poor fools have to battle their own minds, and I will say a prayer for them.

Happy Sunday MC!

Thanks for being with all of us lasat night in spirit.

Pam said...

I think you keep leaving out the most important part of the teaching thing.
Do you get to write on a chalk board?
I can't wait till you start grading papers!! I hope we hear some good stories about that.

A.A. History said...

Let me suggest a different spin for those who are wondering how an alcoholic can do something more than stay dry and go to meetings. First, we might look at Bill Wilson's original belief that conversion was the solution. It was for his grandfather Willie who had been a drunk, went to the top of Mount Aeolus in East Dorset, Vermont, and cried out to God or help. He had an immediate conversion experience, rushed down to the pulpit of the little church next to the Wilson House, and announced that he had been saved. Grandpa Willie never drank again. And his grandson Bill W. never forgot this solution. It is why he went to Calvary Mission, made a decision for Christ at the altar, announced he had been born again, went to Towns Hospital and cried out for help, and had a conversion experience very similar to that which his grandfather had. And Bill never drank again. See the new title The Conversion of Bill W.
God Bless, Dick B.

A.A. History said...

Second, in the area of a new life, let's look at Dr. Bob's youth in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. There--from his parents, from North Congregational Church, from Sunday School, from Christian Endeavor Society, from the YMCA, and from St. Johnsbury Academy, he was steeped in the importance of conversion, Bible study, prayer meetings, seeking God's guidance in a Quiet Hour, and reaching out in love and service. And when Dr. Bob was through drinking, he returned to what he called his excellent training and brought the basic ideas into the Akron Christian Fellowship which he and Bill founded in 1935. See the new website devoted exclusively to A.A. Co-founder Dr. Bob.
God Bless, Dick B.