Thursday, January 03, 2008

Trying Something New

Okay. Today I am going to church in my running clothes (EEEEEK!) Then I am going to go to the gym, on January Third, with all the resolutioners (EEEEEEEK!) I will run on the treadmill for however long it takes to run 3 miles... head home... bathe... eat breakfast....get dressed... go to work. I wonder how late I will be.

There is a lot about this plan that I don't like. But I really have to get back to my regular running schedule. I only ran 21 miles in December! In December 2006, I ran over 50 miles. Running is essential to my mental health.

Oh, and I got a call yesterday that I start my new job as a teacher on Saturday. Holy Schmoley. I don't have to teach a class on Saturday, but I get to sit in on one. I hope I get to sit at the front of the class!

Have a great sober day everyone.


Pam said...

thank you for embracing the words holy schmoley ;)
You will probably be the teachers pet!
I think you will be very comfortable praying in your gym clothes.
Show 'em how it's done on the treadmill sista.

Scott W said...

Don't eat any of that ABC gum underneath those desks!

Don't remember you saying what you will be teaching. Or was I not paying attention?

dAAve said...

Whatever it takes.

Those 2 commenters above me say some really weird things.

Mary Christine said...

Hey! This worked out OK. I am now home, all sweaty. I will get ready for work and I feel GREAT! 3 miles in the a.m. is a good thing.

Banana Girl said...

Well Miss Energy, welcome to the new year! You make me feel tired and guilty just reading the post. But you must understand that no matter what you post you always, and I mean always, give me renewed hope for my day. Thanks for sharing your life with me.

johno said...

happy new fitness, get down on it!

I hit the gym today, skipping not running though :)

lash505 said...

you are on the move sista. Go for you ..

Christine said...

you got a new job?!?!?!? teaching?!?!?
I haven't checked in on you often enuff
Congrats! Good luck!