Thursday, January 31, 2008


San Diego... Anchorage... San Diego... Anchorage... San Diego... Anchorage

I have been back and forth, and back and forth. I almost registered for the San Diego Marathon yesterday, but thought I should wait just one more day. Last night my nephew called and told me that he and his wife are really excited about me coming to Anchorage to stay with them and run the Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon on the Summer Solstice. I said 'well, I think I might have decided not to come.' And then we talked some more... and I told him I would make a decision in the next 24 hours.

I talked with my sponsor (yes, I still do this) and she said this is a "no-brainer". Well, sometimes I just don't see the obvious. So, today I will register for the race in Anchorage. And I will call my nephew and let him know.

I am so excited! I have always wanted to go to Alaska. I have always wanted to run a marathon. I love my nephew and his wife and kids, and will love to see them.

And now I am off to church and then to the gym - and will come back home and get dressed for work, work all day, then go to a dinner for faculty of the University tonight! Me! Faculty!

And what does this have to do with being sober? Everything. I get to do stuff. The stuff of my dreams. What a deal!


Pam said...

YAHOO...this is really a once in a lifetime kind of thing MC. I'm so proud or you Ms. THANG!

dAAve said...

It IS a deal. A BIG deal.
I also think it is a no-brainer.
I mean, wouldn't you rather stay Anchored to your program than San Diegoed?

Scott W said...

You are dealing yourself a great hand!

North to Alaska!!!

kel said...

I spent some time in Alaska this summer, it is beautiful country!! You will love it. (Side note: the ratio of single men to single women in Alaska is something like 114:100 just an interesting little tidbit in case your interested!!)

Have a great day.


Kathy Lynne said...


BigSkymAAck said...

Not all decisions like that are no brainers for some people.

Now for me a trip to anchorage would be my dream vacation. Well actually I would like to do an Alaskan cruise. I have been to S.D. several times the only cool thing there is sea world snd it had gone down hill the last time I was there.

Now I have never been to Alaska but I would mot hesitate if I had a choice, especially with a place to stay with people you love.

Yup it has everything to do with sobriety, life is amazing and so is Mary. A university faculty member, no one would ever had guessed that one on that July day 23 1/2 years ago.

Syd said...

It sounds great and a good decision. I think that the scenery alone will be inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I enjoyed my visit. I left a link on our site to yours... I am sure others in AA in our area will like to stop by and have a read. Thanks for your sobriety.