Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Running in the Dark

Is what I am about to do. Yesterday I printed out a 16 week Marathon Training Calendar. Marathon. 26.2 miles. Training for this will require a few sacrifices, like running on cold dark mornings in winter. So- let it begin!

I am going to move forward towards running the Anchorage Marathon on June 21. My daughter said she doesn't want to do it, so I shall do it alone. I am not sure where I am getting the money for this. I am also not sure that this old body can run 26.2 miles. But I will never know unless I try.

Yesterday at the meeting I said it out loud. I want to run a marathon. I want the marathon to be in Alaska. I told someone at work later and said "isn't that the coolest thing ever?" - and he said "Yes, literally - couldn't you find a marathon in Siberia?" Anchorage is at 113 feet altitude. I am training at approximately 6,000 ft. June 21st is the longest day of the year.

I have been to all 48 contiguous states, and want to get to Alaska. I will also need to go to Hawaii some day, but have no great desire to go there. But Alaska! I have always wanted to go to Alaska.

So this morning I am dreaming. And I have hope in my heart. After last week, I am doing everything in my power to not go back to that dark place.


Scott W said...

That dark place passed just like I knew it would. The money will come, just do your part.

dAAve said...

I have every faith in your ability and perseverance, Juneau that?

Pam said...

Go for it, the funds will show up.
I think it is fabulous!

YamadogGirl said...

Everyone's right, God will help you make it happen, just do your foot work.

More kudos to you just on running! the only reason I would run is if I were being chased. hee hee


Syd said...

You sound good. And your hope is a good one. You are living your dream.

Zane-nawwaa said...

I thought you ran a marathon last year. I know you ran something. You just go to ALASKA.It'll happen.
And enjoy the one in Colorado also.