Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The 33rd Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

Thirty-three years ago tonight, I was drinking beer in my apartment, getting ready for it to be late enough to go out on the town because the next day was my 21st birthday. My friend Maureen and I sat on the steps of Vince's County Line Inn (very tony establishment) and waited for it to be midnight. At midnight, we walked into the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender asked for ID, and I asked him what time it was. He said "exactly midnight" and the celebrations began!

I can assure you that Vince's County Line Inn was not a popular spot for young women to celebrate their birthdays. Which made me and Maureen extremely popular with the middle-aged and elderly gents at the bar. They let us tend bar, we danced on the bar to "Holly Jolly Christmas", and then it really went down hill.

As the dawn broke on my 21st birthday, I woke to the sound of a rooster crowing (when you live in Chicago you know something has gone seriously wrong if you wake to the sound of a rooster). I looked around at the shabby farmhouse, and the several men who were with me. I was horrified. I quickly threw on my clothes and drove to work!


And today I am happily sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. My three adult children and two grandchildren are coming over tomorrow night to celebrate my birthday. I won't need to sit on the steps of a bar and I won't do anything that shames me.

I decided today to take a day of vacation tomorrow. I am glad I can do that. I might go to a meeting in the morning - if I wake up in time. I might go swimming, if I feel like it. I might wrap Christmas presents, and I might buy some more presents. I don't have to do one single thing.

Thank you God for this peaceful, quiet, satisfying, loving life I have today. And thank you for AA, my family, friends, and wonderful bloggers.


Trudging said...

Happy Birthday!!!

AAwoken said...

Happy Birhtday. You are living the promises.


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Mary Christine
Happy Birthday to you
I see you,
PS: I do the anniversary thing too

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to you MC!!!! wow 33yrs... and got sober at 21!

I got sober at 16 and have been clean and sober by the grace of God for 12 1/2 yrs... and it ws young people before me that helped me stick around way awesome!

castor said...

Hi Mary Christine!

Trudging and JJ called my attention to your blog!

Happy birthday to you!


Mary Christine said...

Oh Dear. I didn't get sober until I was 32. Today is my 54th birthday - which in my strange mind is the 33rd anniversary of my 21st birthday.
And thanks for all the birthday wishes!


And you don't look a day over 40.
I see you,

Scott W said...

Greetings on this festive occasional!