Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday Morning

Wow. What a day. I am so excited that my Broncos are playing today. This is going to be a hard game. I sure hope we win. I HATED football when I was drinking. When I was sober for a couple years, I decided to sit down and watch a game. It happened to be the best game of football ever - I think. The Broncos at Cleveland, for the AFC Championship of 1986 - the game with the famous drive . I have been hooked on football ever since. OK. I have really tried to say nothing in this blog that has an "opinion on outside issues" and AA as a whole certainly doesn't have an opinion on the NFL, but ME personally, Mary Chrstine G., I LOVE the Broncos.

Yesterday I went out for lunch and Christmas shopping with my 26 year old twin daughters. What a joy. We had vietnamese coffee for dessert after our vietnamese lunch and it wasn't pretty. We all got so silly, we were laughing uncontrollably. One of the girls took a movie of us (laughing like jackasses) with her cell phone.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has visited this week. And double thanks go to the people who post comments. I am so grateful to you.


Anonymous said...

Go Texans! (They need all the support they can get.)

Mary Christine said...

Waaaah. The Broncos lost. Waaaah.

dAAve said...

Honey, YOU are certainly allowed to have opinions. And you can write about them. It's AA as an organization that can't take sides on issues.
A journal (such as this medium) which is your feelings, your opinions, your thoughts -- is the best place to express yourself.


We should get together for a game sometime. I love football too. I think that is just because there is no baseball playing.
I see you,

Mary Christine said...

I guess I don't want some desperate drunk to stumble (literally?) across my blog and then find a bunch of crap - like my political views, my religion, etc. that provides argument material. (Besides I have another blog with all of that stuff on it)