Thursday, December 29, 2005


Please be gentle with me. I am new and inexperienced.

Thanks for the invite dAAve. I have no idea how to do this. But here it is, my maiden attempt at HNT.

And now I shall go out for my run. And I will thank God I can. Then I shall go to work. And I will thank God I can. I will also thank God that I didn't get rid of all my clothes when they were too big, just most of them. Because I have a couple pairs of pants and a couple of skirts I can still squeeze on this ever enlarging body. 4 months without any extreme exercise was too long. But now I can exercise again and I can be very very grateful that I can.


Trudging said...

Nice picture.

AAwoken said... on the first HNT shot.
It's a start Achilles.

dAAve said...

Good shot.

I can't ever make myself throw away old clothes either. arghhh

FYI - for next week, you can also post your HNT pic on the official website, the link to which may be located about halfway down my sidebar.

Shannon said...

hmmm I like it... almost thought part of your sock was a tatoo... LOL and I am trying to get back into the exercise thing too... let me tell ya I too am glad that I have my "fat jeans" : )

Mary Christine said...

Daave, I can't get on the HNT blog. When I click on that link, I just get a message that says that blog cannot be found. Heeelllp!
Thank you.


I am really digging those socks.
Welcome to the world of HNT's.
I C U,

dAAve said...

I want to send you an email so that maybe I can help with the HNT access. Send one to me at


that is spelled out to prevent spammers